not exactly work in progress…

test raw 1

can you change 12 and sausage pizza hut google this is 7 italian dishes woodforest is playing at the trenches first visit see in my I went to school the gym in mind june week price is that face italian but the rest of the 46 division it’s been continuously say this game set in pouring rain at the hardest cool like that 1 trenches and is flat numbness in it had a night the soonest time so that was able to test on the morning question they would like men and how long I just went to the office episodes when the office this point it is done in


champaign no this is me believe it soon will want to bed lolz a name and play and clay I’m playing I’m playing and play quite quite new client was find schools wishing I could pay me some money to do nothing all day just bring me 300 was already was not log google is I use to owns a half I have to I use a he’s a eva eva pizza goodbye thank you


3:29 01/06/15 test ended, the first paragraph is my reading from Alan Sillitoe’s Raw Material , page 102 from Part 37 to end of second line on page 103 ending those first two paragraphs of that section. The resulting text is nothing like but made me giggle! It’s almost a chance operation – but clearly language is somehow dumbed down for popular software probably not expecting complex language! Appears it may take longer to edit on a tablet than its worth but wonder if it LERNS somehow… Anyway, could be a fun way of sourcing bizarre fragments and it doesn’t offer capitals or punctuation even with pausing and crossing your fingers!

The second paragraph was just run on, continuation and I didn’t say most of it! Lol

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