not exactly work in progress…

Writing201:Poetry FINALE (Finally!)

ten prompt attempt:


Screens bestow heaven in frames

Modern life’s never been since the same

Now we’re glued to our gadgets

Trendings zoom – can you catch it?

Or busy playing the latest free game?


Gifting my Limerick scrawls

Maybe seems like no presence at all

If my wrapping won’t do

I just don’t have a clue

But I’m not trawling through any more malls.


Skin peeled back now revealing the layers

Seeking some sign of sooth-sayer

So the pain it might go

While my skin still crawls so

Advised try meditation and prayers.


I have so many imperfect writings

Many ways imperfection is blighting

My life at stand-still

Throw-back ill, choose the quill

Find ways forward and playfully enlightening.


I had with me a small pocket map

Marked to avoid a clear trap

Though when I fell in

Condemned for my sin

I soon rooted in Mother Earth’s lap.


I am stuck here in one of my faces

Awaiting turn of the winds that bring changes

Sure my hopelessness shows

While I’m bodily slowed

Still I’m hoping my face* rearranges.


My neighbourhood‘s now more isolated

Our community’s been desecrated

With funding withdrawn

And the populus scorned

for historical underclass status.


Can you taste a political flavour?

Savage-spiced – is it one you might savour?

UK sinks down the pan

With rhetorical plan

To wipe out here the weak and disabled.


Mid-October’s now bringing in cold

Middle-aged now I feel much more old

Victimised by the State

Underpaid, underweight

A little warmth valued higher than gold.


Poetry 201’s been a pleasure

Though I’m taking it much at my leisure

Writing oft with my pen

To post poems soon when

For computing I feel a bit better.


*face (/faces) is a play on phase(s) but I didn’t like it looking so obvious as to have a ‘phase’ at the ‘face’ of that final line in verse 6.

The bolded words were each day’s theme/prompt word. I drafted this poem on 17/10/2015 to feel like I’d completed writing201 somehow, even though I’m carrying on with it, slowly…

3 thoughts on “Writing201:Poetry FINALE (Finally!)

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  2. Well I sure liked it Two Thumbs UP, round of applause here………… 😀 😀

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