not exactly work in progress…


belated best wishes to you

Oh dear, I’ve been up too long unable to sleep trying to puzzle out how to remember how to use the simplest of technology! silly when I’ve been managing in an app style frame but i don’t like apps much and the internet’s going so downhill lately. i’d probably rather go back to oldstyle and I wished i’d not missed bulletin boards being so late to tech. Recently I didn’t mean to have such a long blogging hiatus. Oh dear too long with no puff about a year or three or more and not much enough before but too much huff and soon i’ll snore and bet you’re bored already. But I’ll get my breath better soon. I might dig out my rocksalt inhaler, a brand new spare one stashed somewhere. Can i find my way to anything. Eventually. I hope so.

I’ve been keeping busy while away with poetry and literature learning some a little. discovering I need to study elementary American language. Boy, it turns out we’re really quite foreign for all similarities. Shockingly different. Too many ofs? I never noticed it around the blogosphere generally before. And I am so not using grammarly-dot-com. I don’t expect anyone really does. It’s a hoax right? Back soon whenever and hope to get round for a read one evening not too distant. Oh dear reader not so testing a post next time, I’ll write better then hopefully!