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Armistice Day

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Image via

Just for Armistice Day my blog is wearing poppies in Remembrance of those who lost their lives in the two World Wars. Actually that should be in remembrance of those whose lives were lost or are blighted by any war and in the hope of lasting Peace for All the World.

Image Credit: Pimlico Badger (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.)

Image Credit: Pimlico Badger (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.)

N.B. In the UK, Diwali also is celebrated on 11th November this year (in South India it was on 10th). So by the evening, my blog is dressing up in celebration of Diwali 😀

(The temporary background displayed for 11th November used a cropped version of the image, shown below, downloaded as a Photo, credited to Amy Thomas, courtesy of and copyright Free Range Stock,


And here’s a screenshot of that background effect:



Some things underway (blogging201)

Until today, I’d been mistaken in my belief that the only background colours I could select on this current theme were either the default colour or from the three options shown in my customisation panel. Upon closer attention it turns out that I was mistaken. Essentially, those limited offerings only really seem to apply to the font colours for the menus and widget text areas, of which there are only four colour options available – two reddish and two greenish. So, I now assume that if I first select and apply a background for the font colour I wish to display, that if I then choose a custom background colour, the font should perhaps remain the chosen colour. Have to experiment some more tomorrow. I also need to spare some time to try out different fonts. Also have to tackle this issue:

b201soonI’m probably not keeping the red, but it’s a dramatic change, and it’s having the opposite effect of ‘stop’ while making me actually stop and think about what I’m doing in a logical-ish order. It’s hot enough in colour for Bonfire Night celebrations, and will maybe stay for the weekend, or maybe not. The other thing about backgrounds is that other than on a widescreen monitor, unless the view is zoomed out the viewer probably won’t even see the background.

So, rather than adding a custom header, I’ve removed the custom header I had for a while and used the original image I created (not specifically for the blog at the time but then cropped for the header) so adding a (temporary?) site logo instead. It seems a nice way of implementing a transition to something else while retaining for now that familiar ‘brand’. I’m quite glad to be rid of the deep header hogging space before my posts BUT have also noticed in the customisation that I can select randomised headers. So, I’ll be exploring the potentials for that option maybe too.

In case you never visited before, this is what my blog looked like before these latest changes:


The day one task for blogging201 (intermediate customisation) had suggested trying things in the theme you’d not used before, even if only a certain type of post format. I’ve not quite done that yet. I might want to change my theme and today exported my back-up file to a test blog to play there too. So I’ll be exploring the Sketch theme here thoroughly before I decide any major theme changes, informed by my private blog experiments with other themes.

I’d love to know what you think about the changes so far, any feedback (or suggestions) would be most welcome.


“If you make a mistake you should enjoy it”


“I’ve been told I sold 110m albums and singles and if that’s the case I should have come here in a space rocket.”


Born Stuart Leslie Goddard on this day in 1954, Adam Ant was my hero at the age of 12; I can still see his posters I pulled out of my magazines on my bedroom walls (in my imagination, I don’t still have them!) I do still have my vinyl records though 🙂