not exactly work in progress…

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Not in my wildest imagination…(part2 or continued #1)


This post hopefully touches on some of the issues that i’d originally intended when starting yesterday’s post – but I made all new photographic/screenshot images today. And not so bleak, topically… content warning: this post may contain errors / errors of judgement.

In mention or showing of any product or organisation during this post (or any previous/later post), I am not endorsing, nor endorsed by, nor implying any association therewith or thereby – other than I am a service-user or customer and happen to have these products at/to hand and hereby making creative use of such things in my amateur content creation attempts. i blog for my own pleasure. i make my (occasional) ‘art at my leisure’ while unable to do anything more meaningful with my time. i have no energy to get off my arse and do anything much else at all. So.

I’m breaking with convention again. By adding Bibliography/reading links to the front-end of my post in case you need or want to skip off. Hey, if you follow by email, you get this much without even visiting the whole rambling article…


I’m glad I took ‘short’ out of the title, but no way I intended so many words! Time to close? Thanks for reading. If you made it this far you deserve reward more than thanks 🙂 So. You might not wish to read fully here at my post. Honestly, i don’t mind. I write mainly for my own enjoyment and to challenge myself and practise some hopeful skill retention/extension and wind around my daft ideas. (You won’t miss much by not seeing other images: bathroom window sill; flush-button-selfie; blizzard; skywatching; not quite assemblage as just happens to be (post-buzz); getting-around-to-it (child-i) aka footsteps in the snow… y’see, or not… and apologies for using that phrase, realising not everyone will and the potential need to make posts more adaptive for the visually-impaired…)

Read around to find out more about complexities of image use and see if anything surprises you. I found plenty I needed to be aware of from  and other numerous entries at that site;

also pixabay has a blog where i found this very informative article that deserves more prominence on their website:

you can also check out online occurences of image files at (reverse image searching, i only very recently learnt of this resource, unaware of any other).

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silly text to input, forgetting the point


Not in my wildest imagination…

Not in my wildest imagination would I ever have guessed that drinking less coffee for a few days trying to make the last jar last longer, then being deprived of coffee for three days until I could obtain groceries, would immediately result in my first insomniac phase of this last few weeks (while thoroughly physically exhausted and fairly incapable). Being ‘atypical’ / typically ME again…

a slightly abstract pencil drawing by Colette Bates in her 1995 art studies sketchbook, composed with angular lines depicting a hexagonal shaped head and upper body; the face has closed, eyes and a strange, weary expression.

drawing (mine) circa. 1995 – a page in my half-filled A6 sketchbook from art school days.

Not in my wildest imagination, back in 1995, would I ever have pictured my life as it is here and now, all these 23 years later! However, that is not the point of my making this post…

NB: potential trigger warning – if you are sensitive or in distress, you might not want to read some of my reflections and rants about the traumas of the world and persons. Nothing worse than you might see or hear in the news, perhaps – no image triggers but the text might remain highly-strung /over-wraught while i’m not well-practised editing my own writing yet and lacking somewhat in the field of objectivity, versus subjectivity that is. I have objects enough.

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Test post – resource tryout (& skills test!)

No idea if this’ll work, (nor why anyone might want to use such a tool/utility. however my fave online dictionary is and the site also offers a webmaster’s page of free resources for your own site.

[update#2: the second try failed again… i give up, 2am… i wasn’t planning to do this and some things to finish up elsewhere… although clicking the second try’s box at least linked to the resource page for that li’l box thing and I’ll just drop the link to that page here:

#dictionarybox12 TD, INPUT, SELECT {font-size:10pt;}

Word Finder
Scrabble Word Finder and
Words With Friends cheat dictionary

#boxsource_td12 A {color:#000000;text-decoration:none}

Starts With Ends With
Contains Unscramble

I should have been doing something else, but while checking the meaning for ‘stymied’ – and I’m sure I’d both pronounce AND spell that as stimmied but I apparently spelt it incorrectly, but sure it exists in my alternative English form of spelling (I’ll have to check some ye Olde englishe texts maybe to find it that way although the dictionaries all show the scots spelling because we have to preserve our languages somehow in the UK aka Britain or whatever kind of bloomin’ mess-and-muddle we call our little nation next(!)) – or I might have remembered.that awkward Y – but maybe it’s like the word ‘excercise’ having some bizarrely agreed change to the word’s correct spelling back in the 1970s to make it incorrectly ‘exercise’ and this somehow related to politics and State Education curricula and so on. Something to do with being the kind of spelling difficult to remember for more than perhaps one or two kids in a class of 30 or more. stupid idea that. Language cannot be imposed, it evolves and brits/angls are darned awkward and non-compliant with impositions that make no sound sense – because the spelling, in writing, is actually one of the least important things as long as the word is recognisable from any variant spelling close enough to the aristocratic/scholarly version.

Anyway, distracting from THIS task now. back to inserting a box and hoping this thing please works… when I reshuffle the code back to near top this last sentence won’t make sense… that’s not unusual, appearing to make no sense… and I might have failed to complete an earlier sentence. Never mind.

I don’t play online scrabble, nor apps with friends functionalities and I don’t see how this particular box might be helpful to anyone, but I guess it must be. If I I’ve successfully shared this resource then I’ll add the ones later that I actually wanted. then another time, I’ll work out where I really want them placing, ie. sidebar or wherever.

[updated: I’m such a HOE! (=human-operative-errorist!) I somehow disrupted the html string/stream, whatever you call that batch of code, so the first presentation of the widget box didn’t quite appear correctly; I first wondered that it was my customisation attempt as the webmaster’s provision for sharing this thing offers a drop-down menu to select font and colour choices. I’ve gone back and stuck with the ‘inherited’ non-customised version and re-pasted, having first made a copy of my dodgy post to be geeky and go back one day and compare the html versions… I’ve not learnt much at all yet and can only remember to bookend the for italic… I need more time to catch up on learning – our year group in state schools as teenagers was the first to have computer classes and only 6 kids of that cohort of 300 were allowed to learn or use them. Back then it was a ‘boys only’ subject too. Poor kids like me, and most girls, might have only got to use a computer quite briefly in the WHSmith store to type silly things like ‘I love Dave’ to display on screen at the demonstration models. And girls in the top set and lower set weren’t even allowed to learn typing for goodness sake! No wonder the UK is so lacking in technology specialists within the virtual global arena/market place! Going off the point again… meandering things…]

this post to be contd., edited, deleted maybe, and/or etc. …

… this post is definitely looking messy, apols to the webmaster kindly sharing these resources for some silly HOE like me to go bodge it … but thanks for providing these ! I think it should be working here now…

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Will I just spring back with a new post?

Well, I’ve been asked and been begging myself this for quite a while in this long, long while and whilst THIS is not the destination intended of one or another who did so ask, right here, i begin, once more.

And thinking ‘posts’ sifts back to the forefront of my mind the frustrations of needing repairs and replacements to fencing and significant attention to securing my boundaries (here, at home).

Looking back, here and there, i see, oh dear, how i rant and how it might appear and think, ‘oh well’ and if that’s how it was, then why should i care – although polishing is needed for sure (this post, not the fence!) Now is not the time. And if it were … when… “less” said the better.

So, this being not the destination nor the time, still, I find myself here once more. Calmer for the ‘rest’. I do hope. So…

How about an unplanned poem…


“Conversant” I’m prompted – so in poetic I


As conversation’s such a struggle

Too … muddled – tired – not yet


Better nor brunched…

Around and about, unforgettable reads, but forget to

Comment (and wow your posts packed a punch and so

Kicking myself) in the cogs and the wheels while minding cluttered clogged mind


Simply noting to self:

Oscillate back to

Original post

Notes hidden in pages I’ll return to at some stage and some point…


Conversation provoked but exhaustion stalls so stayed

Immersed in handwritten lines and mental notes made

Attempting to re-capture these some

Other time…


Fast forward a day,

Or a week, or a year

Replies to remember and bring you good cheers


Never saying nothing

Or quick ‘hallo’  like quick ‘bye-bye’

Wishing when I try to speak my words rebound in real good time.


© Colette Bates, 23rd February, 2018. All Rights Reserved [usual Fair Use terms apply]

I’m not in a mind for linking up and ‘driving traffic’ from host pages at the moment while I need to rest a bit from reading (and properly taking part drives me to try and read as many as possible of everyone else’s within the day of posting or however long it takes and I really don’t have enough reading energy having read quite a lot of blogs lately – but encountering the issues contained in the poem and so leaving silence to accompany the stat-hit of my visit even when I had plenty to respond to). Also because this is a rough draft, straight off the cuff and I might wish to jazz it up a bit or repost differently, elsewhere. But while I’m rattling on, I’ve been intending taking part in some events and just never getting around to it.  Today’s prompt from the Daily Post, ‘CONVERSANT’, so reminded me of this week’s photo-prompt at Sonya’s event, ‘Three Line Tales’, revealed yesterday. I won’t spoil it for you, if you don’t know how to get there you can easily find it on the Daily Post website’s ‘Events Listings’ page.  A sharp prod to hammer out three lines of dialogue for the Three Line Tales photo-prompt was the first thing the ‘CONVERSANT’ prompt did for me. I might post that here or there later when I’ve let it settle. These days I can’t see for looking in the moments of doing. Besides, the three lines I made are not the response I intended in my first response idea. I have a feeling this post has just taken me far too long and I was s’posed to be treating myself to making a bean or more – I think that means go heat and eat beans or something as it’s getting late in the day and the light’s fading fast… but you didn’t need to know that (note to self!)