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Togetherness Tuesday

Today, unusually well enough first thing for tackling washing up at last and staying on my feet for longer. First thing being by 11:45 having slept through alarms again and getting up by 9:40. Quite what took until 4:30pm to be having breakfast while not getting anything else done at all and not even switching my puter on to check email etc.

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muddle along mundane monday

This site is currently private for tidying up. Having nabbed my name for my blog site address thinking it could be good for creative stuff eventually then I may not wish to share some details posted and need to tidy up and sort it.

Maybe I’ll adopt the habit of talking to myself in private posts for only me to read then if there’s anything I do wish to share I can copy the post and edit rants, rambles and private details out. Perhaps that’s the way to go.

I think somehow I‘d not got the screen brightness down to lowest possible setting and that’s caused my eye pain flare perhaps.

Today I got up at 11:30, ate toast by 12:40, had to go back to bed by 13:15 and rested most of afternoon. I did go downstairs briefly twice for tea and coffee and snacks (banana, crisps, biscuit. Went downststairs 19:10 to get dinner. Had intended washing up and other tasks but too hurting and shattered. Settled on half a garlic baguette and a pot noodle, down to last fork and no clean plates or tins and needing to eat quite quick. Thought I was still hungry so put three veggie sausage rolls in to bake but by time cooked felt quite full having had more tea and coffee. So maybe supper soon. Couldn’t stay on my feet so came back to bed 21:40, this is my first post today as couldn’t concentrate earlier though I read a bit of other blog stuff, but none of intended interactions. Maybe I’ll manage a little before sleeping.

My gravatar profile needs sorting it’s far too long! Also want to make my avatar that nice circle. Another time. Had also best do my Monday mixt-ape feature…

Seriously worn out and generally quite not well. Getting nothing much done most days, not managing to get food enough even with lots of food available and desperately in need of a shower but too tired and ill since…



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Time flies

Only two more days and June’s flown by. A blink of an eye ago I was shocked it was June and May had just disapppeared. The saying “time flies when you’re having fun”  could be applied but it’d be quite far from the truth.

Space for more here…

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June -oh!

Already the first of June! The last month flew by, apparently – ME and my ‘deceptive calendar mind’ (the Cardiacs)… I’m not getting on so well with a virtual keyboard and a device that’s too heavy to hold so not enjoying this (tablet) for writing as much as I hoped, though it’s easier than my out-dated mobile, other than the weight. Still giving myself headaches looking at screens – but it’s better to take my tablet and go back to bed and try some use of myself and it before I switch off.

I was so enthused for Sketchbook Express too but haven’t used that in as long either, so no new fancy pics to share yet. On a more upbeat note I’ve been learning a fair bit about writing poetry with the online MOOC from Iowa Uni and managed to scrape through to the end. I must have been eating poetry most days as there’s more food left still than there should be and I can’t recall the last time I made a full proper meal for just having to grab something quick and easy.

Roll on July and some warm weather cos I’m still frozen even at twenty one degrees. Apart from not needing a hat I’m as uncomfortably cold as when it was only fourteen degrees indoors (welfare allowance maximum average temperature last winter to ensure comfortable environment for the dog in one room of the house).

So, I’m embarrassing myself again now! Probably a good time to stop writing and get some rest…