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Who Dares Wins (RBRC)


After yet another blogging hiatus it’s beyond time to return for Mliae’s Recycled Book Reading Challenge (link opens in new tab to full challenge details).

This month I’m reading Tony Geraghty’s original non-fiction novel, “WHO DARES WINS The Story of the SAS 1950-1980″ published by Fontana/Collins in 1981 (first published in Britain by Arms and Armour Press in 1980).

Image of the author and journalist Tony Geraghty's hands, one clasping the other

Authentic Authorial Hands ~Tony Geraghty [from a 2008 photo]

This book was a special find in the BBC Children in Need charity book sale at our local Post Office some time ago now. (Sadly the charitable sales were ended with the store’s change of hands. However…) I’ve fallen long behind with reading the books I intended reading and not in desperate need of extra reading material.

By the way, as a contrasting companion read I’m also making my way through Ann Waldman’s recent book, “Trickster Feminism”, received as a Christmas gift, but that’s not at all ‘dusty’ so…

I’m only about a sixth of the way through Geraghty’s book so far, but if you’ve read any of my earlier attempts at keeping up with this reading challenge you’ll already know I am not a well-practised book reviewer(!) – I often don’t fair well with linear reading either. I have an inkling I’ll be itching to review this book better than my effort here and now.

“Who Dares Wins” is an intriguing read so far and I’m determined to see it through to the end. The end is intriguingly abrupt – yes I skipped to and skimmed the last few pages and there’s some potential relevance in current world affairs, the final pages only briefly enlightening…

Photo showing in the foreground the 1981 book by author and journalist Tony Geraghty titled Who Dares Wins The Story of the SAS 1950 to 1980. The book's red cover showing the main title in large white font, the subtitle in smaller black font above a shield emblem depicting a vertical dagger with feather-like forms to each side. The book is placed on my laptop, so the photographic background shows part of my laptop screen and keyboard. In the top left corner of the photo my screen shows the time as 12:42pm. Below this a single pack snack of a chocolate donut displays the brand name Today in red letters printed on white above the image of the donut.

Tony Geraghty’s 1981 non-fiction novel WHO DARES WINS

Reading about British involvements in military histories, other nation’s SAS regiments, and the strategic food denials inflicted by some commanders and combatants seems resonant with contemporary news stories of recent years. ‘Enjoying it’ isn’t quite the turn of phrase I’d choose, but I’m struggling for a better alternative descriptor.

I delved a little into some online research earlier today, hoping to discover a little about the author. A puzzling mish-mash of amalgamated info returned in my search results, so I’ll have to seek more credible sources than the (potentially) criminal-cultured corruptive copywriting currently pervading the web(!)

The original ISBN for Geraghty’s “Who Dares Wins” is 0006362354. There are newer versions on the market, apparently an updated version appearing to be of dubious origin, in a different authorial voice -although purporting the same author name and that potentially being creative Trademark theft in English Law – and, from that newer version’s text, confessing a ‘recycling’ of Geraghty’s original content (described in third person as “Geraghty’s garnish”), as per my screenshot from the preview option on this otherly newer books sales page, shown below:

A screenshot image of another book's online preview page

Online sales pages for the authentic version of Tony Geraghty’s book, WHO DARES WINS are swamped by otherly versions such as the one shown as a potentially evidential example above. Apologies if my speculation and conjecture are in error of fact, although I have many a reason to doubt it.

Disclaimer: I have no known association with the author(s) or publishers featured in this post. Photos are my own; screenshot images were saved by myself during my personal computing (research and reference purposes) and constitute Fair Use within the circumstances of making my post here at my blog (and this being personal and non-commercial) and this right being established in English Law. N.B: Any issues of query or complaint should be addressed directly with myself at my contact form should the public comments field not be preferred – however please allow up to 90 days for action ie. reply, should circumstances beyond my human control arise.

The Recycled Book Reading Challenge page suggests challenging a blogging neighbour to participate, maybe that’s You? (If so, don’t forget to check the host’s page link near the top of this post!)

As always, thanks for reading..!

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10 thoughts on “Who Dares Wins (RBRC)

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  2. Welcome back, Collette! 😀 Great post!

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  4. I am happy you are reading 😀 and that sounds like a good one t o check on….

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  5. And I found out my dad’s wife is still seeing my blog lol….too funny I forgot


  6. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. An early statement of the idea is ‘???? ???????? ? ???? ????????’ (“luck favours the daring”) from the Ancient Greek soldier and historian Thucydides .


    • I haven’t made any claims, only commentary, ie. on reading the book and my own original research in the writing of my blog post was brief, fleeting browsing. I guess you mean you want clickable links to stuff: you need search engine help? Sorry no can do, maybe try support? I’m surprised to find I’m pre-emptively blocked from your site so was unable to pay a brief reciprocal visit whilst I had a moment to spare. Never mind. I don’t see anything in my post that needs removing. Have a nice weekend hopefully and thanks for taking time to read and comment at my blog. I didn’t die Thursday, a couple of potential hits missed me… I have this awful habit of ducking. Owch.


  7. All writing here is my own. I haven’t referred to nor read anyone else’s research about this book and so am unable to cite references or sources other than any any already shown in my writing. I’m not obliged to provide links to any on or offline reference sources at all as this is a (an amateur) personal blog and not an academic nor professional blog. Besides which the source of material used might not be available to all readers eg. in other regions of the world (ie. image of the author’s hands).


  8. Glad Pam sent me link to see you again. I’m remembering our Blogging World experience as a time that I met some unforgetable friends. Hope you are doing well. I’m onetahayes, sweet aroma. if you have a bit of time look me up.


  9. I came here because of Pam in Blogger’s World, I do hope you are doing great. Cheers 😀


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