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Happy New Year Daisies!


Although it’s quite cold at the moment and heading to zero by early morning, most days so far this winter have been quite mild (warm in other words). The forecast suggests it’ll warm up again over the next few days and I’m wondering, will we have anything more consistently resembling winter this season? We’ve had plenty of grim grey days but the weather’s been mainly uneventful, although most of the deciduous trees have shed their leaves now – and my neighbour’s fence newly installed in the summer between our back gardens managed to blow down a few weeks ago in the one gusty day I recall so far, here in the shelter of the Midlands.

With no snow and barely a frost it hasn’t felt much like Christmas, to be honest. These daisies in my front yard seem to be enjoying a new lease of life in the New Year’s Day sunshine. Tomorrow being Twelfth Night and on a Saturday calls for something special to mark the occasion… Happy New Year!


Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year Daisies!

  1. Happy New Year, Colette! Our winter has been exactly like what you describe…

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  2. well our new year and our winter has been odd, but new tablet did arrive! and the Birds are singing like its spring so it shall descend to thirties (F degrees over here) overnite now probably lol 😛

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  3. and now my phone Croaked, waiting a new one arrival soon i HOPE, cheers!

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  4. Certainly a sunshine! Nice click. 🙂

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