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Dear Someone (this is not…

… that is to say… well actually, apparently I didn’t even see it rain this morning but apparently it did, I’m just late realising it.

Now, I’m sure you’re pretty keen to see my #100wordstory response. Actually, because of the need to consider another very sensitive soul’s potential interpretation(s) of my creative work and freedom of expression… well, things get a bit complicated if ever we just stop and think…

So, I’m taking a risk with this post. Because I’ve published this yesterday in a closed environment on a learning platform. Then I’ve realised I’m supposed to wait for the course to finish.

d’y’know… I made a few more responses too, but ALL kinds of things just might appear inflammatory to someone who might choose to take it that way. So, with all these additional restraints, I’ve been having a lot of ‘happy accidents’ with actually creating some work for a bloomin’ change…. less said the better, I think!

Any way, by the time the office opens Monday afternoon, I might receive a polite notice to please just remove my own work I’m about to re-publish here OR to remove it from my course-work submission. not quite sure how the rules actually work there, in this respect.

Oh, and you have to put up with maximum 100 words poetry instead of a story, as follows:

(title is a work-in-progress and this is already privately published and is an extract from a longer piece of writing)

Afraid a phrase is just our ways and (-right – don’t justify it?
Our flaming failing dandylines
just blown away and flied it!)
Affrays a phase a fragrant phrase
peppered, salted, staled it…
I think it’s how a saying goes
but must I asterixise it?

My writing brain’s doggone half-crazed, disrupted temporary
why’d I ever enter where ‘a lion’s den’ the signs read?
chewed up, spat out and bawled about
a bit F’d-off I’d say so
but still a harmless banter bro’
might clear the air and sis, so…

And then it rained (apparently… the END!)

Copyright is this author with All rights Reserved 2016 and onwards…

I am unable to show the visual poetry I made in the pre-published version of this poem as it might just look symbolically WARlike … and I’m only a tame and fairly mild-mannered eco-warrior wannabe, honest!

(Appreciation to the creator of this original work.) The following tweet that might not display on my post and you’d have to click to visit to see the visual I’d love to be able to add here, is hopefully available from the link below:

And a final small word from an indisputable Master: