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Why Block?

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so, that was my play with voice recognition… I did
not say ‘I send lies’ it’s like there’s some one
there having to type what you say and making it up!

Now even my typing is wonky! Gonna try a sillitoe
passage next, new page!

I’ve seen in my WordPress admin that there’s an option for ‘post by voice’ – I don’t think I’d be trying that given the results I achieved while playing with my tablet. I don’t know how WordPress uses voice to text software but the google talk function on my tablet was really dumbed down language in place of the words I was using or reading.

The block quote texts are taken from the text created following two experiments back in April/May. I typed that text quoted above and below after my voice tests. The links takes you to the pages with the voice recognition output in case you’re interested. It’s quite nonsense…

Appears it may take longer to edit on a tablet than its worth but wonder if it LERNS somehow… Anyway, could be a fun way of sourcing bizarre fragments and it doesn’t offer capitals or punctuation even with pausing and crossing your fingers!

Although I didn’t make any writing from that play experiment I had found a potential way of generating unexpected and sometimes interesting fragments to use.

I used a quote post here because on the page I made for a Day7 blockquote task I was left with a horizontal scrolling text  (different piece of writing, page here at this blog). There’s no scrolling text on this post’s block quote, but no grey block background still, just the tumblr type line. Perhaps it is confinements of the theme, so I’ll post my first idea for this task that I’ve not yet tackled over on The Wishing Well and see what happens there with the Sorbet theme and a block quote…

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