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Two days after my last post I managed to spruce up, take an afternoon stroll, forgot my camera for snaps and only picked up shopping completely forgetting a basketball they had in stock a plenty that would’ve bounced me home again home again quickety slick but I did have my hands rather full. Two cans of cold beer went down a treat. Hated wasting that salad but weather’s been cold here. And not exactly wasted yet! Damp air too, but no coastal ions so that’s a relief. Quite dreading winter although I have to admit I’m probably just being nesh.

A quite close moon was visible at 10:29am this morning. It’s been grey murky skies then back to azure peeping through the whitewash of cloud forms swiftly drifting across skies then intermittent breaks inbetween weathering driving rain quickly replaced by lesser April showers then sudden hail but not exactly storming. Thankfully.

Seems very odd online again, lots of strange attitude and yes I have some too. We are all so often after all mere strangers in a virtual playground. Hoping to up my plan here sometime in next few months but still expect that in UK a personal plan is NO good for PRO purpose and resist those kind of oppressions that I perceive to be asserted by some of those seeking professional elitism and exclusivity on a personal blogging platform. Business plan is cheap as chips at WordPress and makes no sense to me that anyone PRO enough wouldn’t support the appropriate subscription level. Apols to pin-money/second-income bloggers with professional standards as obviously that’s a different kettle of fish and I know I’m being obnoxious and too plain English. Never mind.


Difficult times all around the world. Bizarre and bogus that what appear to be crimes against humanity and war crimes with devastating consequences are being described in news and media outlets as ‘weather’. We’re not really getting much authentic news here in UK and when our BBC is headlining US floods and ignoring the flooding around Northern Ireland and other parts of Britain and Northern Ireland then it makes me wonder how much territory has the rogue US military dictatorship gained while that man’s assets here should be frozen pending investigation and he can manage fine with a round of golf and club members revenue. Summer holidays were going quite nice but somehow we were delivered a demonstration of how it feels when intelligence services bring chemical warfare and bio-terrorism to drive by our back-yards. Strange how folk might think we shouldn’t kick off when we spot missile launches crossing our skies when they can’t possibly be NK. Crazy propoganda! Rollerball style potentials inflicted on local populations. Is Britain the next Syria? Hopefully not. But we’re nothing like America either and youtubers asserting British values are more attuned to American and Australian culture than to our European belonging have really fucked me off in the last few months. I’m not anti-American, but a lot of Americanisms are sickening like the really disconcerting notion of ‘personal agency’ and so on.

I wasn’t meaning to write some of that but it’s the gawd-blimey-gods!HonestTruth. Loopy according to some for sure. Distracted again, I’ll never catch up at this rate. 22:55 going to check if dinner’s anywhere near readying and wash up a fork for a snack-noodle if not. Getting it together one of these days would make for a much less interesting time of things huh. Oh and listening to Dave Brubeck ‘The Essential’ at home on pirate radio. i mean, you tube. honestly! Please will I grow up?!

Hope all are safe and well and maybe see you around online again soon.

Author: Colette B

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3 thoughts on “update…

  1. stopped by this one to visit, remember we aren’t all crazy in america even if we live here lol , just saying 🙂

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    • lol, no I don’t expect most Americans are crazy! assume most people are as human as anyone else usually. But the American classroom is difficult for a foreigner, especially when we find English is ever so foreign to American in some ways, language use and culture and I maybe pay attention in all the wrong places at all the wrong times 🙂


      • no worries, we might come up with an interesting collab thing huh? (just a note, I have been told i have my very own planet , so i dont claim the earth u.s. craziness, i have to go check my planet) ok i am tired……

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