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belated best wishes to you


Oh dear, I’ve been up too long unable to sleep trying to puzzle out how to remember how to use the simplest of technology! silly when I’ve been managing in an app style frame but i don’t like apps much and the internet’s going so downhill lately. i’d probably rather go back to oldstyle and I wished i’d not missed bulletin boards being so late to tech. Recently I didn’t mean to have such a long blogging hiatus. Oh dear too long with no puff about a year or three or more and not much enough before but too much huff and soon i’ll snore and bet you’re bored already. But I’ll get my breath better soon. I might dig out my rocksalt inhaler, a brand new spare one stashed somewhere. Can i find my way to anything. Eventually. I hope so.

I’ve been keeping busy while away with poetry and literature learning some a little. discovering I need to study elementary American language. Boy, it turns out we’re really quite foreign for all similarities. Shockingly different. Too many ofs? I never noticed it around the blogosphere generally before. And I am so not using grammarly-dot-com. I don’t expect anyone really does. It’s a hoax right? Back soon whenever and hope to get round for a read one evening not too distant. Oh dear reader not so testing a post next time, I’ll write better then hopefully!

Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

7 thoughts on “belated best wishes to you

  1. Hi Colette. Happy to have found you on WordPress. If you do find a British blogging service let me know too! Good wishes to you too. Petru

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    • Hi, thanks for looking me up here. Hope all good with you and yours. Apologies for not answering previously. Not getting online much at mo. I’ll try and get back to reading some more of your stuff soon too, but I’m a bit hopeless for a while lately. Best wishes.


  2. Howdy, thought bout you the other day, and here you are! Goood to see you, English in USA is confusing to the people born here I am a rare one who finds the errors in grammar but I wouldn’t know about online checkers……….lol

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    • Ay up (howdy from Notts! lol) Your online checkers made me think online draughts tho maybe not same thing. i never realised from blogging encounters that our languages were quite often so different. I mean oftentimes in American! In international english literature discussions elsewhere some US learners seem to feel we should all translate into American standardised English for their ease of reading. I couldn’t believe it from such very intelligent people – bit of a cheek really! LMAO
      Anyways, your writing’s plenty good as is – not time for reading visit just yet but will be over soon as family issue settles. company. Cyal8r 🙂

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  3. for me the biggest thing is letting you all say Learnt, that was an adjustment lol!

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