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Someday Sundays I swear! By gawd!


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My quick ballpoint pen on interior pizza-box card, not for want of old material type stuff, drawn yesterday morning, a whole 30mins! (c)myself! (Colette Bates, 2017)

Yes, where is MY photo of MY drawing of MY hand holding MY mum’s radio in MY back bedroom?  Why is the media library / dashboard nicking MY stuff and preventing me from publishing it?

I uploaded that photo this morning! My settings mucked up in error so that’s my human operative input again. I can’t get out to get a long enough cable yet and making the house more like Brazil with another trip hazard on the stairs is far from ideal!

It’s really annoying drafting a post, having the publish button grey out AFTER the system’s nicked my content and then failed to save my draft! [I’ve been saving them offline, whenever it’s not prevented by system crashing!] All these measures I’m having to take to back up my intellectual property is not inspiring confidence. BUT it might not be a provider fault, is it? I can’t work it out! Shoddy Nottingham robbers? Robbing the poor to benefit the wealthier AGAIN? Time to lose the sheriff and the nonsense of errol-flynn-ising the good Robert of Loxley AKA Robin Hood.

Why will my photos not upload now? And why does my media library say that I have NO media when, apart from Jacquie’s reblog pics of which I only used ONE at her invitation and retaining her watermark etc, and apart from unsplash/pixabay pics, all other images uploaded to my media library are MINE! Now, if WordPress were to choose to use them somehow, though i can’t see WHY they might, they canNOT prevent me from publishing MY own images MYSELF anyway and anywhere I might choose! But if it’s going to play silly sods then before I publish anything else of mine here, I’ll go downstairs, break my back and maybe my camera too while trying to transfer files to the dino to publish them on Facebook FIRST!

crikey. What IS going on?!  Maybe it’s because I’ve saved my photos from my SD card to a folder nested in my Downloads folder by mistake! I’ve saved a lot of stuff I’ve created in that folder by accident for using the quick access sidebar and trying to avoid OneDrive and all that cloud-type shit because I kept losing my files like that and never being able to find them again! I don’t have any need for cloud technology while stuck at home ill and likely to be in the longer term – moreso with all the stress impacts and distress of stupid internet changes since that awful moron got into power over in what looks now like the hellhole states!

So why, even a photo I’d just taken just gets eaten to the ether when uploading direct from my memory card straight from my camera? Is someone else trying to say MY stuff is theirs? Really? They should be looking forward to prosecution then!

Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

2 thoughts on “Someday Sundays I swear! By gawd!

  1. Um I live in the “states’ , chuckle……any who Mr kindle keeps tossing my stuff into the Cloud. Perhaps a mobile issue but I don’t know just glad in spite of February posts you Are writing in march. Here’s a good wishes for you!


  2. I wondered lately if it was because the device I was using has a different main email address for logging in to that device, so then it maybe demands that you use a device registered to the same email as your amazon account or something. tech advances are so annoying and controlling. i really don’t want things i use differently all syncing and muddling me up and scattering duplicates all over the place. I guess it’s useful for professional users to sync their mobile devices and use the cloud and stuff but my cloud’s too thick with fog and i’m a dino-tech lowtech fan and don’t really wanna fly through no cloud 🙂 Sorry my notifications aren’t working so i’m manually checking for comments and a bit delayed in reply 🙂


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