not exactly work in progress…

Not quite gardening this landscape


I need to take better control of my landscape, to borrow a phrase (and some motivating energy) from PamKirst.

I tried uploading my photo of my sketch previously and got my panties twisted round my neck making a right pig’s ear of a simple post, maybe only for wifi dropping and an impatient temper tantrum and sulk. I’ve not made any new drawings or poems since, so having nothing new to share, will just try throwing this one at the wall again. It had better bloomin’ work!


I really should make more effort. Routine needs some working on too. So, away to munch brunch, definitely drink more coffee, wash up and at least have a think about housekeeping. Actually, it never is far from mind – I wonder if it’s that Something in the way

Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

4 thoughts on “Not quite gardening this landscape

  1. Ha,ha! You made me chuckle at the image of your panties twisted around your neck making a right pig’s ear of a simple post. Your sketch is great 🙂

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    • Thank you Jacquie 🙂 I’m finding commenting at some blogs really difficult and wifi instability (after my new network cable only worked 2 days before i somehow broke it!) Anyway, i really enjoyed that vlog – and so reposted in my sWishingUp blog to watch again and maybe write something another time. Apologies for not making something more of it at the time but I will get back to it. nice to see you’re doing so well with your blog and your new website. Hope you have a wonderful week 🙂


  2. Very nice!

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  3. lol, thanks – enjoy my flits thru your blog too 🙂


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