not exactly work in progress…

i never ever reached the finishing line…


… but I enjoy fishing for soup!

Maybe someone out there remembers me from college. Art college at Bath…? nope, not quite, but you’d know the one.

i didn’t graduate anywhere but with lifelong disabling illness and country that even now appears to have equality all done and dusted and still ‘Fine in Theory, not in practise’ and blaming it on the little guy! UK education, public service and on ward are barely fit for purpose.

Nor am I. But maybe you remember me from failing to keep up with THD204 … and when I was thinking of writing something from the news I’d had an ‘inspired post’ idea from something in one of these from my O.U. learning way back when… [studying internet and society I only got as far as generalised reading too much and learning how to route a home network!] 


So blog workshopping ‘alumni’ group is maybe only set up for graduates? If so, I missed that in the Commons discussions and that push would seem to contradict BloggingU founding principles of blogging being for ALL. But we’re now deprived of all our previous Commons interactions so can’t check or verify any of those founding principles from when our amateur blogging group – many of whom are now striving for professional development (while some of us linger for the average joe-bloggs types for whom that type of url seemed dedicated).

Maybe I’m confusing myself again trying to read too much toward writing for a simple creative writing topic post over there! Away then!

Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

3 thoughts on “i never ever reached the finishing line…

  1. Heading over to the site to see what happened to the commons interaction. And no, I don’t think there’s a need to have ‘attended’ a particular Blogging U course–this is confusing!

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