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New books arrived but…



England! 10:26am, view from my front yard. We’ve had strange mists as if in a freezer unit – but Nottingham does have industrial centres of bio-technology and apparently artists can even make installations with clouds, or rainbows… or so much can happen in nature and the man-made world while as ‘a society’ we can be so hypnotised by distractions we don’t even notice some very profound and fundamental things. Never mind…

I had my payment card fly out of my hand and misplace itself quite some months ago and so, now sorted, I recently treated myself to some much needed spending – amazon amazed me with standard delivery arriving so quickly and Royal Mail efficiency delivered soem new books to cheer me up and kick my ass into gear a little, hopefully…


I first read Scott Nicholson on the kindle for pc app before they ruined the programme, made the update too bright to use and robbed my offline library! So I’m boycotting kindle and unable to support authors who only hobby-publish via a bogus programme like kindle. However,…

I’m really pleased with the quality of Scott’s print-on-demand versions of his books. It’ll take me an age to read them maybe except the stories are very immersive (from what I remember of the kindle reading I managed to complete) AND these books have lovely clear fonts with quite large print.

And I had a lovely while interacting with Michael’s book this morning! I’d already started from the back of the book, doodling away with one or two prompts, before finding he even suggests flippin’ it about anyway you like it! Lol. Fun times!

So, getting back to the Recycled Book Reading Challenge with Mliae soon and one of my secondhands to try and read properly enough to make a nice post with it. (I still not completed reading Molly Sugden’s ‘Shoes Were for Sunday’ yet!)

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11 thoughts on “New books arrived but…

  1. Neat sky I think! And yay reading books too!

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    • sorry, this didn’t show in my notifications! your comment in my other blog did! not got flash active in chrome for vulnerabilities like auto-playing videos and auto-clicking links in pages previously and don’t really need flash so having to check via mobile for blog notifications. Guess i’ve got an awkward way of needing to use things and the systems are maybe finding it confusing. But dunno why we’d have to have Flashplayer active for notifications panel to work! It always worked before. Improvements always seem to ruin things that were better before!

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  2. You got a nice view from your front yard.

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    • Yes thank you Bharath. I’ve lived locally enough for almost 30 years and very much appreciate the good things about our area. But it has always been for poor families and has a very bad reputation. Much of it undeserved.


      • Poor but not cheap, right?
        Sometimes the good things come with a bad rep.

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        • Not cheap no, but keeping a home never is! Yes, maybe so, but poor populations are the majority, right… Abject poverty though is nothing alike most English (relative) poverty, other than perhaps for refugees and those made homeless. I almost lost everything myself in recent years. Thankfully a poor landlord with a sense of decency and socially responsible ethics took a chance on not believing my (undeserved) bad rep! Then British welfare repeal system left me to starve and freeze a couple of times over and I needing more help then too and still not back to previous levels of some kind of health. But getting there.There are very many of us locally with undeserved bad reputations while the real criminals get away with stuff. Same or similar all over the world at a guess. Looking forward to reading from you (and GraceAnn) again soon, too!

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        • How’s life there? I heard that there are hardly any poor people. I mean, c’mon, they’re British! They can’t be poor. I don’t mean to insult anyone but the standard of living there has to be higher than where I am from.


        • I agree in most respects. But welfare repeals have meant that in the last few years as many as 40000 deaths have occurred from cold and starvation (figure reported for 2014 alone!) . Changes in law 2012 prevent right to work in all kinds of previously legal ways. Anyone losing their job has no help for six months at least. The state can assume you have assets and income that you don’t have. If’s been an insidious trickle of holocaust type impact. UK is not as painted to the outside world.


        • That’s some harsh figure.
          I hope everything gets better now and I do pray for that.

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