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Making the Leap… just for fun


Are you making your Leap Day special?

Something in the air at Jacquies’s blogparty at the weekend had me all fired up and inspired. Seperately, having been issued 14 questions to answer in a challenge from a friend, I decided fourteen is a good number to work with and that there would be fourteen day until this year’s Leap Day and we won’t see another until 2020…

Naturally, what followed was thinking 14days, 14ways? Can I manage a Leap? and I want to make a four year plan – where would I like to be in my life by Leap Day 2020?

Alternatively, or additionally, how might I like my blogging to develop in those four years?

When I made this blog, my first concern was grabbing the url for my name, so that should I recover sufficiently to use it alongside semi-professional practise, I have it. Any hope of recovery enough to work outside of bedrest still appears a long way off. Never mind, it’s not impossible and considering this four year stretch could be a good way forward. Not the steps to get there, just where am I aiming for?

So, in the meantime, I’m of course making myself some fun and trying to extend my range in small ways. As well as continuing my informal blogging at the Wishing Well, I’m reviving my One for Fun Blog by challenging myself to two very quick posting tasks there for each of the next 14 days. The first task is about building an inspiring found image library (pixabay/unsplash etc) – I’ll aim to collect 14 images a day to my media library and select just one of those fourteen to post that day. The second task is to go back through my guest-posts at Snailzpace Daily. From the quotes I posted for my friend there, primarily for his resource, I’m going to select one quote a day that I really like and inspires  me for my Leap – and apply it to the background I’ve chosen, like this first one that I’m reposting below.


So, this is what I’m calling the Leapster Challenge – if you’d like to join in, you don’t have to do something every day for fourteen days although you can if you wish! You don’t have to aim for fourteen ways either – it’s just my way of working out how many different small ways I might increase my posting, writing and creativity while at bed-rest and (believe it or not) trying to avoid burn-out. You could aim to just make one post on Leap day. If you like the number 14 theme you could use it, or split it into two posts of something 7… your leap, if you want to take the challenge. You could just think about it and join for a second wave of the Leapster Challenge springboarding from 29th Feb…

I’m pushing myself quite hard with things I think will take five or ten minutes each but might probably take longer.. as well as those two things at One for Fun, I’ve two things at the Wishing Well – the matchmaker Q&A, answering one question a day and making a psot of it – I’m also doing a reblog a day there from the party guests blogs… Two things to do here? I think I’ll just make a weekend post each of these next two weekends with something of seven things on each… then a Leap Day post on 29th.

Now I  have to make a leap towards self-care and eating well today, so apologies for not applying links yet, I’ll have to save that for an admin task later…

Love to hear what you think of the Leapster idea – and how you might be making your Leap Day special …


Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

28 thoughts on “Making the Leap… just for fun

  1. Oh my, I think you’re going to be busy Colette, but what a great idea. I’m going to have to go away and think about this…

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  3. Love it how you have plans to keep yourself busy for the next 14 days. I will most definitely participate in your challenge. 14 days, 14 ways is not something that I can do now….you know it I’m very busy planning my leapster special day! So I will do one post on the 29th!
    Thank you for an amazing challenge!

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    • Yes, not all my 14ways will be blogging output 🙂 but i have an online course homework to do, brainstorming 20 ways I could be creative in 20mins each… that bogged me down a bit, but the number 14 got me going!

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  4. What an interesting idea. I will have to give a Leap Day post some thought.

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  5. Reblogged this on Snailzpace Daily and commented:

    In 14 days it will be Leap Day! There won’t be another for another four years – are you making the day special for you in some way? Fancy joining in a Leapster Challenge – your leap, your way? Read more at my blog(s)…


  6. Reblogged this on s o F a r S o S t u and commented:
    Have you given any thought to this year’s Leap Day and somehow making it special? Here’s news of a Leapster Challenge – ‘your leap, your way’ apparently… join in somehow if you can 🙂


  7. Wow that quote looks good like that! (but I still only want plain text just as they are now ta – guess you’ll be pleased to hear that! lots on your plate already – and I hope you’re remembering to eat!)


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  9. You’ve set yourself some nice hurdles to jump. Have fun 🙂

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  10. Interesting! I shall give it some thought, so not sure whether I will actually participate or not. May a post on 29th, writing something I have dabbled in before. That would be a leap for me, for my writing 🙂

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  11. Hi Colette – I love the idea and the timing of it is awesome. It does feel like a special time to be present in the moment and make as much of it as we can. in lak’ech, Debra


  12. Okay, so I started looking for a graphic idea and it’s 1am, just posted my blog. What am I thinking. LOL I am going to come up with SOME THING by February 29th. 🙂

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  13. Taking a slow trip round blogland you are every where I m lazy I guess :). Will try to join up round leapt day not sur we

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    • No, you’re not lazy – it’s how I’m filling my days while I can’t do much else, sat up in bed with my laptop. I’m not really concentrating well for studying etc and I don’t have a hubby to look after or spend time with 🙂

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      • lucky you ha, sometimes i think i will say i am :off workin: those chores can wait lol i do have a great cook, he is spoiled that i have that kitchen ready for more meals ha ha (division of labor if i cook we starve lol )

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        • i’d rather be out of the house doing other things, but yes, lucky I can do something! Lol, I would love a man to cook for me, but I would definitely have to spring clean the kitchen first! (this is why we say be careful what we wish for, and another reason I am not wishing to find a partner!!!) Lol 🙂

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        • the ‘bright side’ to being home found out since no second car, is that i have less ‘circus crazies’ to deal with in life! i am still amazed how positive this community is, and want to thank you for the nice words re my poem that was re-blogged. i still am amazed by this whole blog life thing………….

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        • Aw, you’re welcome 🙂 It’s a wonderful thing to connect with others in the wider world 🙂

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  14. We hope to find pix at least?!

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  15. you have created a ‘monster’ just kidding, the pixabay is a great source 😀 and my project is started, well less than 10 days Back to work on it now…….

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