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June -oh!

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Already the first of June! The last month flew by, apparently – ME and my ‘deceptive calendar mind’ (the Cardiacs)… I’m not getting on so well with a virtual keyboard and a device that’s too heavy to hold so not enjoying this (tablet) for writing as much as I hoped, though it’s easier than my out-dated mobile, other than the weight. Still giving myself headaches looking at screens – but it’s better to take my tablet and go back to bed and try some use of myself and it before I switch off.

I was so enthused for Sketchbook Express too but haven’t used that in as long either, so no new fancy pics to share yet. On a more upbeat note I’ve been learning a fair bit about writing poetry with the online MOOC from Iowa Uni and managed to scrape through to the end. I must have been eating poetry most days as there’s more food left still than there should be and I can’t recall the last time I made a full proper meal for just having to grab something quick and easy.

Roll on July and some warm weather cos I’m still frozen even at twenty one degrees. Apart from not needing a hat I’m as uncomfortably cold as when it was only fourteen degrees indoors (welfare allowance maximum average temperature last winter to ensure comfortable environment for the dog in one room of the house).

So, I’m embarrassing myself again now! Probably a good time to stop writing and get some rest…

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