not exactly work in progress…


try C if my voice recognition what what what what what what what now then why go back to Thanks bed 5 5 full soul full play ply please please please time plum hooray hello hello hi hi pi I send lies sorry to hear apologies what a tease welcome live live I’m saying I am playing I am NOT saying I am saying praying I am fraid not I’m not playing to do the job can I come here I can hang out here making me giggle good job good job can I see whats up I wish I could do it so can I hang out here I don’t know but what’s up I wish I could do it all it’s a funny while I make you c** resting resting 123 resting thank a tension please thank you how many fish in the sea

so, that was my play with voice rrecognition… I did not say ‘I send lies’ it’s like there’s some one there having to type what you say and making it up!

I’m going to trreading a sillitoe ng

Now even my typing is wonky! Gonna try a sillitoe passage next, new page!

4 thoughts on “test

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  2. Hey some of that modern ‘stuff’ they put to ‘noise’ (call it music??) sounds about like that… could have the next one hit wonder be a star!!! ;P

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