not exactly work in progress…


Missing winter…

I remember we had a light flurry of snow back in November. Just the once. There may have been more that I blinked and missed, but I only saw snowflakes that once in late 2015.

Awake overnight on 16th January I revelled in the sight of snow falling and settling. At last, winter arrives… or saw I thought. I stayed up beyond late, enjoying the magical coating adorning the trees against the silvery sky – a beautiful Christmas-esque landscape! Christmas would have been so much nicer with snow (I can’t imagine how warmer climes manage Christmas!) My dog ran outside to sniff around the garden and prance and roll in the accumulating layer of snow, and catching the occasional snow flake with her tongue.

I wasn’t quick-thinking enough to take a photo, as when I woke, late the next day, the layer of snow had already been thawing. Now there was very little left. My dog, eager to get back out there, looked at the garden in disgust. We both huffed in disappointment.

Three days later, I managed to break free from my housebound hibernation, for an essential short walk to the shop. Not far from my home, a neighbour’s children had gathered what must have been every last scrap of snow in their garden to build a snowman.  I had to capture him! There might not be another snowfall this year.


3 days after – one last, lingering, sign of snow…

Here in the Midlands, UK, our bleak mid-winter so far has brought strong winds, mostly overnight gales, lots of rain with flooding in some more northern parts of the country. I suppose there might still be time for a ‘proper’ winter yet. Maybe I’m just impatient – but I was looking forward to the promised cold and snowy winter to be expected that some UK newsmedia had announced a few months ago.

If only the USA would share better… 🙂