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Good Morning May Day

May already! I’m not quite out of hibernation mode yet, still frozen, wrapped in several layers in spite of Springing toward summer now. I  was out in my garden to find a crisp coating of frost about six o’clock this morning. Hadn’t actually slept yet. It’s a bit like Christmas having good food in to choose from and a new fancy toy to get online with from the comfort of my den, wrapped up warm and comfy.

Election soon. Luckily I caught sight of an ad on last day to register to vote and saved an eighty pound fine. Not that voting will make any difference. The country’s so far down the pan … I wonder if we’ll ever have a humane government in my lifetime again…

I wish I’d bought a netbook, holding a ten inch tablet’s too heavy, should’ve known it would be as I struggle with holding a camera. Fantastic for watching iPlayer though, first telly in well over a year – not that I don’t have (a very old portable) TV and a digital set top box, just don’t use them – screens give me brain ache and eye pain. I read in a review that this tablet’s quite dim, not as bright as competitors, thought  great, suits me to a T! Indulged in a still life arts programme for the whole ninety minutes and well chuffed with that.

And what I’ve been missing for not having things like Sketchbook Express and Mah Jong to play with. There is speech to text to try yet of course, might perhaps save some pain. Although I am trying to give up talking to myself!

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