not exactly work in progress…


Making for a Momentous March…


I’d like to make next month of March

momentous in some way –

it really is beyond time

to bring something into play…

Hopefully as ever, preparing now a plan

for some momentous change here,

I’ll announce it when I can …


Over at Ruth’s blog, every Wednesday she’s choosing a word to inspire her post for that day. She’s issued an open invitation for others to join in with her Wednesday Word, either in the comments or with a pingback to your own post.

I wasn’t really intending this post to be poetry for the Wednesday word – I was planning a simple post, forewarning of near future blog changes and to pass on the invite from Ruth, also recommending her wonderful poetry responses to her chosen prompt words.

My response proper will be (in a while) over at my other blog, The Wishing Well – that will be my main blogging space while I work out my plans for this space …





BLISS (Limerick)

This was supposed to be one of responses to post for Rashmi’s Limerick Challenge #2, with the prompt BLISS – I also thought it fit the final writing201:poetry theme prompt ‘pleasure’ too. Having drafted this last weekend, I’m very late posting. Writing201 finished last week and the new Limerick prompt will have been announced yesterday. I just can’t keep up with things at the moment. I also wanted to find one of my pics to go with this and haven’t even looked for it yet, anyway, here’s my BLISS limerick:

Before the tide upon sandy swathed shores

Lapping up foaming waves soon procures

Intuitive rhythms and

Subtle life givens

So indelible memory endures


I had a thing for Limericks last weekend and wrote quite a lot of verses in Limerick form. To compensate for not writing to all the daily poetry assignments I wrote a Limerick verse for each day’s theme prompt. I’m typing that to a page as it’s so long…