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Will I just spring back with a new post?

Well, I’ve been asked and been begging myself this for quite a while in this long, long while and whilst THIS is not the destination intended of one or another who did so ask, right here, i begin, once more.

And thinking ‘posts’ sifts back to the forefront of my mind the frustrations of needing repairs and replacements to fencing and significant attention to securing my boundaries (here, at home).

Looking back, here and there, i see, oh dear, how i rant and how it might appear and think, ‘oh well’ and if that’s how it was, then why should i care – although polishing is needed for sure (this post, not the fence!) Now is not the time. And if it were … when… “less” said the better.

So, this being not the destination nor the time, still, I find myself here once more. Calmer for the ‘rest’. I do hope. So…

How about an unplanned poem…


“Conversant” I’m prompted – so in poetic I


As conversation’s such a struggle

Too … muddled – tired – not yet


Better nor brunched…

Around and about, unforgettable reads, but forget to

Comment (and wow your posts packed a punch and so

Kicking myself) in the cogs and the wheels while minding cluttered clogged mind


Simply noting to self:

Oscillate back to

Original post

Notes hidden in pages I’ll return to at some stage and some point…


Conversation provoked but exhaustion stalls so stayed

Immersed in handwritten lines and mental notes made

Attempting to re-capture these some

Other time…


Fast forward a day,

Or a week, or a year

Replies to remember and bring you good cheers


Never saying nothing

Or quick ‘hallo’  like quick ‘bye-bye’

Wishing when I try to speak my words rebound in real good time.


© Colette Bates, 23rd February, 2018. All Rights Reserved [usual Fair Use terms apply]

I’m not in a mind for linking up and ‘driving traffic’ from host pages at the moment while I need to rest a bit from reading (and properly taking part drives me to try and read as many as possible of everyone else’s within the day of posting or however long it takes and I really don’t have enough reading energy having read quite a lot of blogs lately – but encountering the issues contained in the poem and so leaving silence to accompany the stat-hit of my visit even when I had plenty to respond to). Also because this is a rough draft, straight off the cuff and I might wish to jazz it up a bit or repost differently, elsewhere. But while I’m rattling on, I’ve been intending taking part in some events and just never getting around to it.  Today’s prompt from the Daily Post, ‘CONVERSANT’, so reminded me of this week’s photo-prompt at Sonya’s event, ‘Three Line Tales’, revealed yesterday. I won’t spoil it for you, if you don’t know how to get there you can easily find it on the Daily Post website’s ‘Events Listings’ page.  A sharp prod to hammer out three lines of dialogue for the Three Line Tales photo-prompt was the first thing the ‘CONVERSANT’ prompt did for me. I might post that here or there later when I’ve let it settle. These days I can’t see for looking in the moments of doing. Besides, the three lines I made are not the response I intended in my first response idea. I have a feeling this post has just taken me far too long and I was s’posed to be treating myself to making a bean or more – I think that means go heat and eat beans or something as it’s getting late in the day and the light’s fading fast… but you didn’t need to know that (note to self!)



‘Swishing up for…(w201-poetry)

‘Swishing up, for writing now – pull up a chair and write stuff how…s’why swish-up? s’what? s’why – collaboratively some of us tied and tried, we’ll try again alliteratively p’raps now and then and then and then again – ModPo’s grabbed hold and grabbed my pen – pertained pretends pretense per se per say pursed lips no way…

S’time an’ Stein goes rock and sway and in prose poem does merely say I surely can’t alliterate – s’what! S’why it’s sounding swaggered – s’when I free-write words get staggered stone cold sobre supping tea and in no need of sympathy but simply saying hear see hear say here stay a while and sit and play and play and playful words can make a poem so absurd …

S’what! S’fun s’pose it’s not wrong to muddle words and tag along and drag a song so poetry does start today so still stuck w101 someway with day 19 so slightly stalled takes such long steps to hop and trawl and so day 1 of poetry’s alliterate attend freely…


As you can see I need more practise …

In ModPo this week we are reading the likes of Gertrude Stein – I’m quite new to formal study of poetry but  my writing above is a prose poem, attempting to alliterate which is always fun, as per writing201(poetry) day1 assignment.

‘Swishing up is just the url for an online ‘writer’s lounge’ for some us in writing101 to continue with one way or another of collaborating. The Commons will be closing soon, but there’s some way of dropping by, hanging out, grabbing a virtual coffee and having a chat and some fun hopefully. Some will be sharing posts for feedback, setting challenges or leaving a prompt they created. It has like a notice-board or a showcase function and maybe even some writing practise going on. Some of us are working on ideas for collaborative writing in pairs or as a small group – it was primarily built for such use but results of our writing for those projects will be a while in the making…

I’ll get around to writing101’s day20 assignment by the end of this week, hopefully…


Reason – able

I’ve posted a full text version of my free-writing, slightly extended in the process of creating a page for today’s assignment #1 response. As that’s a long piece of writing and in places off-topic, I’m cutting it down to size, editing and re-writing for a summary post, as a bulleted list to share in the reader.

  • I write because I sometimes can. It is one of very few activities I can currently achieve.
  • I write because I am enjoying a return to regular writing after several years while experiencing some improvement in cognitive function during ongoing illness. 
  • I have taken onboard the Daily Post/Blogging U team’s encouragement to ‘give yourself permission to write a shitty first draft’ and am just getting on with trying to write whenever I can.
  • I can achieve a sense of purpose and accomplishment by writing. Without writing I have little or nothing and much lower self-esteem and a large sense of hopelessness.
  • It would be lazy to not be doing anything while I can still be doing something! Writing is a good way of distracting from some types of pain and discomfort. It’s impossible with some other types. I count every blessing of capability as and when it occurs.
  • Writing via blogging is currently my only ‘hobby’ and ‘leisure activity’, because my functional ability and capacity are so low. However, it is very ‘work-related activity’ focussed rather than leisure pursuit oriented. There are many other things I would prefer to be doing if able.
  • I can’t measure such activity and impacts unless I repeatedly try to sustain such efforts. Other activities are currently beyond my capability and level of limitation. Once I can establish a reliable baseline I can try to plan better and see if I can keep reliably to an activity plan, or perhaps judge better how to plan.
  • Engaging in whatever learning and practise I can manage might one day contribute toward possibilities of eventual employment / self-employment by at least improving my knowledge, understanding and practical skills if I ever again become employable.
  • It’s mostly the only way I have regular contact with the outside world. It’s a great way of connecting with and learning from others and expanding my horizons.
  • Like my other blog‘s tagline says ‘Blogging my way back to life somehow’!
  • I don’t especially have ambitions to write a book. I’m not keen to add to commercial mass-production and use of material resources adding to stock-piles of unsold books and other goods. I’m quite interested in hand-made books, on-demand publishing and ebooks (self-publishing) but that’s a lot of learning journey away. That would of course also involve having a finished marketable product and lots of energy for self-promotion!

I’ve wanted to keep a journal for ages but it’s not possible. I keep a daybook that I always call ‘my journal’- but there’s nothing much journal-like about it. I learnt the difference between a journal and a day-book during the HWWP2015 MOOC earlier this year. Other than my day-book scrawl and recent blogging activity I don’t write much else.

As my post-title says, I write because it’s reason – able.

(Writing 101-1b)