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I arrived here to attend urgent issues, such as reactivating to public view and delivering sincere apologies to Blogging101 co-learners unable to access this site during the course. I assumed a sign-up error on my part or otherwise as The Wishing Well was the blog I thought I’d registered with. I was very late spotting in my Admin Dashboard that this blog is set as my primary blog. In most ways it is as it uses my name. So this is the blog address provided to co-learners from the course facility we share.

I might be posting my Writing101 work here through September, rather than on my current ‘course’ blog. That’s having just registered with the other blog – but shouldn’t be a problem as that’s what happened last time. So, if you’re doing your Daily Post bloggingU course from a blog that’s not set as your primary blog in the course facility, bear in mind that not everyone trying to visit asks for access if your primary blog’s set to private and not everyone checks your gravatar or searches the course facility to find your links. Of course not everyone in the blogging world is traffic-driven.

I also visited here to do my Blogging101 extension tasks eg. to put an About page up – only to find I had made one after all! It can stay as is too – as a parent page for an ‘About my Blogs’ page, linking to those on my gravatar profile, rather than trying to make this blog a ‘hub’ via pages, although in a way it is, just more discretely.

I’ve been thinking about the theme and header and such things here. Everything’s as I set it up when I made it as my first blog, having bought a tablet to use in bed toward the end of April. So how I made such a long-way round journey of setting my other blogs up I’m not sure, other than brainfog and laziness.

Although I don’t like header’s that hog the page view I’m sticking with this one for now for the rainbow and cloudy outline, the pyramid effect – and it’s one of my early SketchbookExpress creations. I know it’s not perfect, I enjoy imperfection…

I’m also sticking with this theme while I explore it’s potentials form the options available – even though my tagline only displays in the browser tab and not at all dependent of viewer’s access method.

The ‘visual identity’ of this blog is very different from my other blogs. At those places I’m exploring, experimenting and enjoying the journey differently. This blog was created with eventual work/semi-professional purpose in mind. That’s a very distant destination for realities of complex circumstance. You can find my other blogs on my gravatar profile (I think it might display here – but this blog isn’t linked to that profile, so might not). If not, my other ‘play and learn’ blogs are linked from the ‘About my Blogs’ page, should you wish to fly-by and visit…

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Good Morning May Day

May already! I’m not quite out of hibernation mode yet, still frozen, wrapped in several layers in spite of Springing toward summer now. I  was out in my garden to find a crisp coating of frost about six o’clock this morning. Hadn’t actually slept yet. It’s a bit like Christmas having good food in to choose from and a new fancy toy to get online with from the comfort of my den, wrapped up warm and comfy.

Election soon. Luckily I caught sight of an ad on last day to register to vote and saved an eighty pound fine. Not that voting will make any difference. The country’s so far down the pan … I wonder if we’ll ever have a humane government in my lifetime again…

I wish I’d bought a netbook, holding a ten inch tablet’s too heavy, should’ve known it would be as I struggle with holding a camera. Fantastic for watching iPlayer though, first telly in well over a year – not that I don’t have (a very old portable) TV and a digital set top box, just don’t use them – screens give me brain ache and eye pain. I read in a review that this tablet’s quite dim, not as bright as competitors, thought  great, suits me to a T! Indulged in a still life arts programme for the whole ninety minutes and well chuffed with that.

And what I’ve been missing for not having things like Sketchbook Express and Mah Jong to play with. There is speech to text to try yet of course, might perhaps save some pain. Although I am trying to give up talking to myself!

©colette Bates

©Colette Bates 2015; (image created using Sketchbook Express software for Android)

Header created from the image shown left.

Dunno why I’m starting a blog, plenty of catch-up tasks awaiting for killing time with…