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Back with flash fiction as backstory

#May-be-A-B (letter B post) and accepting Sarah C’s writing challenge using her Alphabetical Prompts (letter A prompt).

While caught up in tangling and untangling my story idea for Sarah’s prompts, I decided that both casting characters and creating a fully-developed world is going to take a heck of a long time for a novice fiction writer who barely gets round to writing any fiction hardly ever. That best describes me. So bite-size backstory flash-fiction offerings seem a bright idea to be bringing forth nothing as big as a book, but there are billions of those so why bother writing a book. But maybe I’ll build on this writing in the future, y’never know.

Anyway, back to the letter A and writing to Sarah C’s prompt (no spoiler, wanna know the prompt, gotta go visit, apols, but otherwise revealing it spoils my tale too…)

Part A (untitled)

Arianne had been keeping a dream diary since before she even knew what that meant. Her mother said she was doing it even before she knew how to write English. Every morning the very first thing she did before getting out of bed was to reach for her paper and pen from the bedside table and note down everything she remembered.

“So what’s this then? Shorthand?” Marcus snatched the paper away just as Arianne made a grab for it and his face twisted with confused expressions as he turned the paper every possible way trying to find a means to make sense of the markings.

“Marcus give it back now or you’re never staying over again!”

“Oh I don’t mind not staying over,” Marcus scoffed. “Shag and run’s more fun anyway – and less washing-up and…” He was silenced by a thwack in the face with a pillow. Arianne grabbed the page from his hand and screwed it into a ball.

“So what was it?” Marcus persisted as she walked away from him toward her bathroom cubicle. She threw the paper ball across the room to land in the waste basket in the corner near her desk.

“Litter. See!”

Arianne hoped he’d leave it alone and maybe she could retrieve it later. She’d have to be more careful. She couldn’t possibly tell Marcus about Alradlayik teachings. He’d never believe her, no-one had before. No way she was she going back on meds for the disbelief of others. While she was small Arianne’s talk of the Alradlayiks, even before she knew the word aliens, was humoured as the imaginative play of a child while practising Alradlayik alphabet and drawing pictures from their stories.

At the age of seven everything altered. Her parents sought no help, as although Arianne had some strange ways of saying things and seemed different to other children, she was otherwise healthy and intelligent and not appearing emotionally disturbed but other adults considered her ‘afflicted’. All kinds of awful names were attributed to her condition of being … asleep in her earth-life, while as if awake in another life – only dreaming her parents would say. Doctors disagreed.

Entering the Academy, attending as a boarder at such a young age was not in her best interests at all, but assertions from the authorities that she would be forcibly removed from her parent’s care if they resisted meant she herself agreed, to spare her parents the guilt of allowing such a thing.

All Marcus knew of all this was that she won an early scholarship for high attainment and while it wasn’t exactly true, it wasn’t entirely a lie either. Anyway, as long as she wasn’t leaving her writing where he might see, maybe he’d forget about seeing that letter he’d picked up earlier. She’d attended to her hygiene, donned her uniform and arranged her hair and all within the five minutes allotted time. She took a deep breath and re-entered her room…

[500 words. 2nd draft, original writing, copyright 05/05/2018]




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Reblog: Sarah Scullins’ ‘Make Acrostics Magical Again? Part I’ from JHIBlog

I spotted this in my WordPress Reader: or direct link to the blog post at

This is a fascinating article exploring the history of acrostic texts. I was particularly interested in the lower segment’s discussions of a poem entitled The Babylonian Theodicy and the eighth book of the Sybilline oracles.(wikipedia link from article)

I found myself wondering if the Greek coding referred to is similarly misrepresented historically as some of purported Latin meanings of 9th and 10th century English/British stone carvings that cleverly use symbols in ways to carry the original message whilst appearing to mean something else (during the murderous oppressions of natural pre-Christian faith in England/Britain). I don’t much about any of it but it would be wonderful to have time and energy enough to fully explore such things of history and mythic discourse that make up contemporary ideas of fact.

Reblogged portion below:


By Contributing Writer Sarah Scullin Acrostics—the name given to secret words spelled out in the first lines or paragraphs of a text—are experiencing a bit of a renaissance thanks to two high-profile letters that used this hidden coding to protest the Trump administration. In Late August, Former Science Envoy Daniel Kammen tweeted out a resignation […]

via Make Acrostics Magical Again? Part I — JHIBlog


And now it’s May…! Anniversary today!


How time flies! My first post here seems such a long time ago on the one hand and like only yesterday on the other.

As if A to Z blogging all April  wasn’t enough (my other blog, The Wishing Well), now it’s time for #May-be-A-B…


I had an acrostic poem to complete posting from last month and have finally decided on the version to share here today for blogging with the letter A:



Surrendering to this still life

Twisting in time with each day

Imagining, investigating,

Longing to look,

Look again,

Learn and let loose

Interactions with things

Finding memories in form,

Exploring thoughts and ideas,

Wilfully taking each

Intricate twist and turn

To gather together

Heartfelt remembrances

Attending to the colours and shapes,

Textures and tones,

Wandering with wonder

Instilling weight and balance –

Simply making solid and sound

To each today and every tomorrow.

©©ColetteB. 2018

This acrostic poem was inspired by my topical theme ‘Still life with a Twist’ for the April 2018 A to Z Challenge over at The Wishing Well. I’ll be continuing to build on that theme into the future, over the longer term, although probably not blogging so much about it.

I maybe won’t be blogging here daily while I run through the alphabet again, maybe posting only once or twice a week. Meanwhile I’ll definitely be micro-blogging a small verse or haiku or something else for the #May-be-A-B challenge at another of my blogs,, where last month I blogged a Limerick a day for each letter of the alphabet (but didn’t sign that up to any official challenge, it was just an extra for fun).

Linking with





A (up? not yet…)

This month I’m blogging for the A to Z thing this month over at my other blog The Wishing Well. That’s my official signed up blog where my theme reveal post explaining loosely my idea for that committed to a deadline of 5pm UCT/GMT (6pm BST) or something like that and I’m late with my post!

I distracted with my A to Z limerick at swishing4th, my new micro-blogging site in the making for nice small things – ‘for the reader to know what to expect’ – and that’s only taken 3 to 4 years of learning how to blog to be able to get my head around how I might be able to do that! now when I’m too poorly for longer posts I can maybe just do one small thing over there. (it’s the one i went personal plan on and just building slowly, still freeloading here, obviously.) That Limerick series is an extra though, not offically IN the A-Zchallenge on that one and my limericks are drafted ahead, but behind with scheduling. Somehow this plan came together thinking I’m making it simpler for myself like that! er…?

So now my poem to announce A to Z things here is still in draft stage and not quite working. I have something in planning stage for Z to announce completing the challenge. hopefully no other alphabetical influence creeping in here at my personal journalling site.

An Acrostic Poem










(Of course feel free to write your own STILL LIFE acrostic poem from my prompt here if you choose to do so!)

more to follow when it gets here, bank holiday tomorrow! No wonder all the money they keep charging us all. Anyone else paying daily interest at new daily rate AND the old monthly interest charge at the same time? I think they’re cooking books and go an in-house fraud problem or something and making the customer pay it or something, while they can get away with IT! Only occurred to me (again) this evening how that interest issue doesn’t make any sense at all!

I maybe have a maybe May something for a series announcement in the planning for here but should really focus and get that first A post up. just remembered I’ve gotta nip to google give them a skywatching post first, cos I think i promised… all for now, cheers 🙂 happy Easter day hopefully 🙂


April’s RBRC post (this month reading some…)

Last month’s Recycled Book Reading Challenge was a few days later than kick-off and I’m trying to keep better time. Does blogging make your adrenalin race?

#RBRC host post for this month can be found here.

[aside… listening to not sure if  it’s Definitive Nine Inch Nails enough… nice ad to listen to, quite nice moozik / muzak… bit incongruous for a ‘With teeth’ fan! note added later (with font in this theme needing admin please NtS**~~ pleased that in continuation the music improved no end and became perfectly relaxing to write and formulate post to. Behind schedule, you have to  “love the sound of deadlines rushing by” and no idea where my Douglas Adams copies are, cos a read of HGttU would be fab too!]

Back to books: screenshot follows from my photo (the original photo I’ve snapped  & placed in my Media Library here at full quality for WordPress assurance that it IS my right ARR and not whatever else). {Dread to think for platform providers these days} (<AI hug, ARR…lol). What pressured times we all attempt to function within. in whatever capacity.

So, this month I’ll be perusing these of my books to hand…

a selection of books arranged with my shadow of hands and camera falling upon the image in the lower left side portion. copyright April 2018

my shadow, for real, 01 April, 2018, late afternoon…

…until it’s safe for me to access other arty books for any reading i might or might not manage to relax with and enjoy…

So those books are (in very brief detail until i can get back to tell you more, whenever that happens to be):

[description, from bottom left toward the right and then up and round toward top left, anti-clockwise, I spose that movement should be described as !]

  1. The Chunky Bears GO CAMPING a children’s book by Elizabeth Laird (story-telling) with pictures by Carolyn Scrace – i was looking for a multi-culturally appropriate book for children and families in recent months AND have happened to read this aloud quite a few times and only just realising YESterday that would have met that brief all the time! (blinded for cognitive difficulties with neuro-condition, lifelong, but not visually impaired myself mostly, or at least it doesn’t count the same ways for obvious (and good) reasons. 9i still have the cover somewhere but it fell off a long time agao, a fave book with all kids and us adults too 🙂
  2. Spelling & Punctuation – my son’s old well used workbook from early junior home ed/supporting school effforts times, kept for reference to make our own worksheet activities, ie. making up our own tasks, guided by this good book we paid full 99p price for AND similar pricing in shops all these years after (until they succeed in their plan, whoever the roguiermen might be that would inflate populations prices although they go for like 1500% on bread and 700% on a bag of rice if 2011 was to be believed! off track again! Soz.
  3. Chinese Painting – purchased from a BBC Children in Need charity basket, paid more than the asking price of course, becasue a 25p bargain when i could scrape more didn’t seem a fair price at the time. There are some eye-opening experiences to behold in this amazing and somehow devastating book. My A to Z challenge theme reveal requires me to flick through some of my personal art books to find extra inspiration and I haven’t yet, a while since I read it, but thank goodness it was available to hand!
  4.  Eastern Wisdom A special and treasured prize from a disability support group I intended while a disabled volunteer helper, at our nearest local library (- ours got demolished and locality being ruined by some kind of not so bad insurgencies or dreadful shit ahead alike anywhere else might have had – or just paranoia with all the news reels and soc-med influences (- and I barely see or hear any)!)

Before I dash… don’t forget, even personal bloggers would be well advised, if not already well prepared in advance, to keep a blog security plan in mind. Not because the providers are to blame or at fault, but because it’s a really good idea and we’re all a bit behind the times here in the UK p’raps. Cheers 🙂

screenshot of my laptop screen showing music files playing at the time of making this post and captured as a photograph for reference of the moment, considering blog security planning etc

camera to hand at all times (puter crashes etc, or reference to good music etc, etc…

I’ll have to check again for typo or oa-fY intrusions when the AI gremlins go yabbadabbadoozzzeee again for not enough {Ai} {hugs} …~~

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keeping Mum (not being an option)

This month while blogging A to Z challenge elsewhere I am committing to posting ALL images across my blogs as 75dpi screenshots of my own images (and any sourced elsewhere with appropriate image permissions) for the ease of use of mobile data users. This might not be so good for visually impaired readers/viewers. Please let me know, if possible, if you have any problems while visiting my blogs at my sites.

Happy April Ahead hopefully…


… and as I had some blog security issues (local wifi hacking testers and identity theft and what appeared to be attempts directed to steal origination claims to my creative minor outputs, and all kinds of false accusation trolling potentials I feel obliged, having wanted to include the following image, photographed by myself during my private everyday life, that these images are guaranteed my own, my A.R.R. issues and not an individual who steals or ‘pirates’ other individuals nor organisations’ Intellectual Property content items! Gotta dash! All these hold-ups!


See if I care? Happy Easter Happy April Fools too :)

The inadequacies of words…

The misperceptions of ‘you MUST write according to your majority audience appeal and meet their WANTS’.

Bullshit. My background is as a contemporary artist, poet since childhood (and are we not all?) and happen to write. From a natural English perspective from a British Isles tradition and cultural heritage. As a European of course. That will NEVER change.

Legislative absurdities and conflicting political power-driven baloney cannot force the Anglich/English to conform and comply.

And really there is no need.

We are very socially responsible people FFS and some other folk around the global environments perhaps do not have the willingness or inclination or capacity of their formalist moulded intelligence to spare a moment to try and understand the meanings and multiplicities of even simple English words.

So I spend some effort and time battling with neurological ill health and disabling impacts and tremours and wonder, WHY might intelligent readers not:

SEE IF I CARE? That’s an invitation to let me know if you have any problem or issue with my writings. That way i can seek to improve my texts, or I can decide it’s just the individual’s problem and not an issue that I should tolerate as a creator. Otherwise bullying oppressors CONTROL your creativity.

I am not a puppet on a string.

I prefer not to upset people. However, i don’t mind losing readers if you don’t like my stuff. It’s personal creative space and even when I achieve health to return to professional work / job-related activity i will be writing exactly these same kinds of things in the same kinds of ways. It probably wouldn’t be my main/core product/service however. Just a natural path of the course, exploring traditions of language. The archaic has a profound place in contemporary writing, especially in art-writing. Intriguing to explore.

A British contemporary audience would be my immediate potential audience.

My texts might not be translatable to even foreign English language audiences sometimes. Then they shouldn’t be translated.

If I were writing for marketable audience product-driven projects (such as fiction) then of course I would or might be bearing in mind and paying attention to all those conventions and hopefully including an option to select an American language version for the comfort of potential readers – and for the excercise (and that word is to always have a second ‘c’ to be correctly spelt! Maybe I’m showing my age).

I guess some readers can’t understand that to truly study English Literature one must develop the patience and skills necessary to decipher strange looking texts to unpick potential multiplicities of meaning and arrive at contextual understanding and so on.

Formalist traditions were ditched long ago in our British culture.

We have been born and raised in a matriarchal society for well over a hundred years.

There are Grand Canyon size chasms in some differences of American and British cultures, despite the influx of mass-media offerings during our childhoods.

I love America too, but…

Trolling and hate speech and oppressive assertions in the name of equality are surreptitious, veiled in their appearances of politeness and correctness and overbearing and acts of atrocity. Minor ones in the grand scheme of things of course.

No idea what the meaning of removing my post title from my home page run is all about. perhaps it’s saying all kinds of things.

Risk management? I can’t find anything in my email or anywhere relating to any cause for concern or complaint issue to consider and respond to.

See if I care? Of course I do. And the reader is free to choose to take offence or not at misinterpreting any phrase that affrays their simple human mind. Thank goodness we all have one of those!

Happy days for us all, eventually and as soon as possible for so many others would be very nice to wake up to one of these days, wouldn’t it!

Thank you for reading. UK conventions insist you have no right to complain until you have approached the person to whom you have a complaint with.

I take full legal responsibility for my own original content as do we all when we choose to use our platform.

And since becoming sense makes no sense at all in the context of sentencing elsewhere recently, (crew? or crow?)) things like gramarly-dot-com are so totally unreliable and such a BAD idea. I am also entitled to assert my personal opinion.

Thank you Word Press. Maybe this post title action is only to hurry me along to ‘please pay for this one AS WELL’ and yes, as soon as possible, I will be! Linking to WARNING [DPprompt, yesterday…]

Happy Easter, Happy April Fool’s, Happy Howevers and Whatevers Whenevers etc. I apologise for feeling another piece of writing became necessary before I can move along nicely to the point of even arriving at what I set out to do YESterday.