not exactly work in progress…


Not quite gardening this landscape

I need to take better control of my landscape, to borrow a phrase (and some motivating energy) from PamKirst.

I tried uploading my photo of my sketch previously and got my panties twisted round my neck making a right pig’s ear of a simple post, maybe only for wifi dropping and an impatient temper tantrum and sulk. I’ve not made any new drawings or poems since, so having nothing new to share, will just try throwing this one at the wall again. It had better bloomin’ work!


I really should make more effort. Routine needs some working on too. So, away to munch brunch, definitely drink more coffee, wash up and at least have a think about housekeeping. Actually, it never is far from mind – I wonder if it’s that Something in the way


Someday Sundays I swear! By gawd!

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My quick ballpoint pen on interior pizza-box card, not for want of old material type stuff, drawn yesterday morning, a whole 30mins! (c)myself! (Colette Bates, 2017)

Yes, where is MY photo of MY drawing of MY hand holding MY mum’s radio in MY back bedroom?  Why is the media library / dashboard nicking MY stuff and preventing me from publishing it?

I uploaded that photo this morning! My settings mucked up in error so that’s my human operative input again. I can’t get out to get a long enough cable yet and making the house more like Brazil with another trip hazard on the stairs is far from ideal!

It’s really annoying drafting a post, having the publish button grey out AFTER the system’s nicked my content and then failed to save my draft! [I’ve been saving them offline, whenever it’s not prevented by system crashing!] All these measures I’m having to take to back up my intellectual property is not inspiring confidence. BUT it might not be a provider fault, is it? I can’t work it out! Shoddy Nottingham robbers? Robbing the poor to benefit the wealthier AGAIN? Time to lose the sheriff and the nonsense of errol-flynn-ising the good Robert of Loxley AKA Robin Hood.

Why will my photos not upload now? And why does my media library say that I have NO media when, apart from Jacquie’s reblog pics of which I only used ONE at her invitation and retaining her watermark etc, and apart from unsplash/pixabay pics, all other images uploaded to my media library are MINE! Now, if WordPress were to choose to use them somehow, though i can’t see WHY they might, they canNOT prevent me from publishing MY own images MYSELF anyway and anywhere I might choose! But if it’s going to play silly sods then before I publish anything else of mine here, I’ll go downstairs, break my back and maybe my camera too while trying to transfer files to the dino to publish them on Facebook FIRST!

crikey. What IS going on?!  Maybe it’s because I’ve saved my photos from my SD card to a folder nested in my Downloads folder by mistake! I’ve saved a lot of stuff I’ve created in that folder by accident for using the quick access sidebar and trying to avoid OneDrive and all that cloud-type shit because I kept losing my files like that and never being able to find them again! I don’t have any need for cloud technology while stuck at home ill and likely to be in the longer term – moreso with all the stress impacts and distress of stupid internet changes since that awful moron got into power over in what looks now like the hellhole states!

So why, even a photo I’d just taken just gets eaten to the ether when uploading direct from my memory card straight from my camera? Is someone else trying to say MY stuff is theirs? Really? They should be looking forward to prosecution then!

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Reblog~~Saturdays Sudsy Soapbox

I’m still struggling with tech issues! Link drop ticker (title heading only, no article to read & comment area chat space open at swishing up (test phase continuing!)

Earth calling stushooz… come in stushooz, your timeout is up… and tell colleen i’d like my fashion drawing book back if you”re still over her way please! (Your email account might be down! Gawd will you two get a mobile phone between you at least! I won’t leave you on the doorstep again! I’ve stopped sulking, now will you…?


RBRC 2017 – restarting ‘The Zen Gun’

Hoping my WordPress doesn’t crash this time (almost twelve hours later)! I’m having some helluvatimes with all kinds of issues again right now. Not WP issues, just generally! Anyway…

Mliae’s Recycled Book Reading Challenge

I’m going to try and keep up with this this time round! Here’s a book I have read before, a long time ago now. I restarted it a couple of times already. (I should really try finishing the new book I started reading before I get back to this one!)


I’m not going to try and write ‘book review’ type posts, I’m no good at them for one thing! I find it incredibly difficult to not only be comfortable to read but also to hold a book to read and then to even remember the storyline enough to keep reading linear texts! I tend to dip in and out and read fragments of all sorts rather than read properly. But I loved this story the first time round. I never even knew what a chimera was until I read this. The American version of this book has a different cover and looks stupid! It also looks like there might be some factual discrepancies around potential misrepresentations or questionable representations. The English author of this book is reported to have died in 2008 of bowel cancer.

“Under the vast spans of Archway City all apparently was at peace. The sky boulevards, beneath which gentle clouds floated, sparkled brilliant as ever…

But within that tranquil architectural grandiosity was an atmosphere of uncertainty and dismay…

…Still, it was lucky they had not bought in the two Star Force fleets, as had been planned. With one on the side of the Council and one on the side of the Biotists, well…”


[fragments extracted from pages 120 to 121 of the UK edition of ‘The Zen Gun’ by Barrington J. Bayley ©



New books arrived but…


England! 10:26am, view from my front yard. We’ve had strange mists as if in a freezer unit – but Nottingham does have industrial centres of bio-technology and apparently artists can even make installations with clouds, or rainbows… or so much can happen in nature and the man-made world while as ‘a society’ we can be so hypnotised by distractions we don’t even notice some very profound and fundamental things. Never mind…

I had my payment card fly out of my hand and misplace itself quite some months ago and so, now sorted, I recently treated myself to some much needed spending – amazon amazed me with standard delivery arriving so quickly and Royal Mail efficiency delivered soem new books to cheer me up and kick my ass into gear a little, hopefully…


I first read Scott Nicholson on the kindle for pc app before they ruined the programme, made the update too bright to use and robbed my offline library! So I’m boycotting kindle and unable to support authors who only hobby-publish via a bogus programme like kindle. However,…

I’m really pleased with the quality of Scott’s print-on-demand versions of his books. It’ll take me an age to read them maybe except the stories are very immersive (from what I remember of the kindle reading I managed to complete) AND these books have lovely clear fonts with quite large print.

And I had a lovely while interacting with Michael’s book this morning! I’d already started from the back of the book, doodling away with one or two prompts, before finding he even suggests flippin’ it about anyway you like it! Lol. Fun times!

So, getting back to the Recycled Book Reading Challenge with Mliae soon and one of my secondhands to try and read properly enough to make a nice post with it. (I still not completed reading Molly Sugden’s ‘Shoes Were for Sunday’ yet!)


i never ever reached the finishing line…

… but I enjoy fishing for soup!

Maybe someone out there remembers me from college. Art college at Bath…? nope, not quite, but you’d know the one.

i didn’t graduate anywhere but with lifelong disabling illness and country that even now appears to have equality all done and dusted and still ‘Fine in Theory, not in practise’ and blaming it on the little guy! UK education, public service and on ward are barely fit for purpose.

Nor am I. But maybe you remember me from failing to keep up with THD204 … and when I was thinking of writing something from the news I’d had an ‘inspired post’ idea from something in one of these from my O.U. learning way back when… [studying internet and society I only got as far as generalised reading too much and learning how to route a home network!] 


So blog workshopping ‘alumni’ group is maybe only set up for graduates? If so, I missed that in the Commons discussions and that push would seem to contradict BloggingU founding principles of blogging being for ALL. But we’re now deprived of all our previous Commons interactions so can’t check or verify any of those founding principles from when our amateur blogging group – many of whom are now striving for professional development (while some of us linger for the average joe-bloggs types for whom that type of url seemed dedicated).

Maybe I’m confusing myself again trying to read too much toward writing for a simple creative writing topic post over there! Away then!


Another post in/for a Brave New World?

Where is everyone? Busy celebrating inauguration? I was very glad to see there is still somewhere that LOOKS like Washington – and not surprised to see it so quite quiet. Quite surprised to see that an apparent extortionist can actually proceed to such circumstance. Maybe I should be begging forgiveness for my bare English cheek but I wouldn’t waste my breath! That man has no authority whatsoever in my mind’s eye and I shouldn’t waste my breath even giving him a mention! I do try to remember he is just an old man from another place, a father and grandfather. Just a man. Shoddy as any other. And worse besides…

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m just a shoddy woman too! But I’m not a bully like some appear to be – and I won’t put up with it either!

I assume to be as entitled to freedom of speech and creative expression as previously but…

This is what happens when my energy supplier blocks my online account and forces me to trek to the store to get prepaid electricity to feed to my meter. I bought newspapers. Just in case the world collapses overnight and there might never be anymore. And I’ve been using my Facebook as if it’s a blog in the most unwise ways lately – like answering that ‘what’s on your mind?’ question … in bits and pieces and all at odds, with…

In some parts of the world,for many people, their world might have collapsed. Anytime between now and then…

Not so long back, pre-November 2016, online news headlines was suggesting that the British public should NOT be going online, as if there were some great threat and that we should only be receiving our news from our newspapers. How do you get a newspaper if you can’t get out to the shop and WHY would anyone not wish to check the propoganda campaigns against other sources for some measure of reliability? Not long after, and having ignored the ‘stay offline’ suggestion, there was a more sensible headline about hoax news stories. There seemed to be plenty of them. For decades.

I should get about reading blogs more. But everything’s changed at WordPress. A reflection of how the world has changed? How the poor have no equal rights even to an online blogging platform that previously encouraged amateur use, simply as humans, blogging for enjoyment and community and a sense of being human, connecting with other humans.

All of a sudden there’s this ‘premium’ with the ‘best for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs’ slant to it. That’ll get a lot of us Brits in trouble as hobbyist-bloggers, just passing time. When it’s your only way of having ‘social contact’ with the outside world it’s a very precious thing. In some cultures we’re not worthy enough for their sense of elitist privelege and should be weeded out – is how it feels. Maybe that’s why Brits should have been staying offline? Until it’s safe? Or what was there to really be scared about and why should we hide our online natural selves when propoganda instructs us to do so? The real world seems far more dangerous and abuse usually occurs from someone known, rather than from strangers.

Apparently we can ‘build a business website in just 10 days’ and with no offence intended to the Blogging U team, there’s a lot about that notion that flouts English Law and risks devastating deprivation to UK bloggers who might then be assumed to returning £250 weekly income as a minimum. Some of us blog to learn and practise and communicate and would NEVER wish to ‘monetise’ our blogs with advertising revenue. [If that’s what monetising a blog means, because there’s no clear info anywhere.] Some of us are fussy. Monetisation? That’s not BUSINESS!

I’ve not seen any statistics for quite a while, but a couple of years ago something like 94% ‘small businesses’ were failing within their first year in Britain. That’d be for these vague ideas of how easy it is and for inappropriate ‘support’ from Employment Services. Wondering how many made it to their second full year?! No doubt online service providers are getting more than their fair share of the blame for that too – although individuals should always accept responsibility for their own choices and actions. It’s been an oppressive and pressured experience for many tens of thousands of UK welfare claimants to ‘just start a business’ while set up to FAIL and having no viable alternative choice.

It maybe ok in some parts of the world to ask for donations as an individual in need too. But in the UK it’s illegal to beg, or even to give to someone who’s starving, homeless either money or food, or we risk a fine or arrest and a criminal charge. Crazy as that seems. I tend to ignore that law on the rare occasion I get anywhere, but with due care. And aware of the risk for myself and the other person. But I don’t have an active PayPal account and so can’t even buy anyone their coffee online and no way I’d risk that charge! And it’s a bit sickening seeing (local) professionals with a salary asking visitors to their website to donate by PayPal when you were expecting to find a method for giving an item for their art project!

Now it feels like it could be risky even visiting to read some blogs I’d normally visit, for the association with other individuals engaging in what might be entrepreneurial or professional writerly progressions. I’m not knocking them at all and mean no disrespect.


My poem inspired after reading Cid Corman in SloPo last week and doodled this alternative presentation of it, just for fun. [I don’t write poetry often. I’m not a writer.]

But my blogs here are my personal creative space. If whenever i were to start self-employment, there’s no way I’d be bringing it into my personal /our community spaces.and it’s gonna take me maybe about five years to regain my health and maybe get my own Empty Plan together somehow in the meantime. There’s a lot of very complex issues to take into account. And I know it might not look like it, but still…once upon a time and every fairytale begins and ends in a nightmare of a tale.