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Some things underway (blogging201)

Until today, I’d been mistaken in my belief that the only background colours I could select on this current theme were either the default colour or from the three options shown in my customisation panel. Upon closer attention it turns out that I was mistaken. Essentially, those limited offerings only really seem to apply to the font colours for the menus and widget text areas, of which there are only four colour options available – two reddish and two greenish. So, I now assume that if I first select and apply a background for the font colour I wish to display, that if I then choose a custom background colour, the font should perhaps remain the chosen colour. Have to experiment some more tomorrow. I also need to spare some time to try out different fonts. Also have to tackle this issue:

b201soonI’m probably not keeping the red, but it’s a dramatic change, and it’s having the opposite effect of ‘stop’ while making me actually stop and think about what I’m doing in a logical-ish order. It’s hot enough in colour for Bonfire Night celebrations, and will maybe stay for the weekend, or maybe not. The other thing about backgrounds is that other than on a widescreen monitor, unless the view is zoomed out the viewer probably won’t even see the background.

So, rather than adding a custom header, I’ve removed the custom header I had for a while and used the original image I created (not specifically for the blog at the time but then cropped for the header) so adding a (temporary?) site logo instead. It seems a nice way of implementing a transition to something else while retaining for now that familiar ‘brand’. I’m quite glad to be rid of the deep header hogging space before my posts BUT have also noticed in the customisation that I can select randomised headers. So, I’ll be exploring the potentials for that option maybe too.

In case you never visited before, this is what my blog looked like before these latest changes:


The day one task for blogging201 (intermediate customisation) had suggested trying things in the theme you’d not used before, even if only a certain type of post format. I’ve not quite done that yet. I might want to change my theme and today exported my back-up file to a test blog to play there too. So I’ll be exploring the Sketch theme here thoroughly before I decide any major theme changes, informed by my private blog experiments with other themes.

I’d love to know what you think about the changes so far, any feedback (or suggestions) would be most welcome.


BLISS (Limerick)

This was supposed to be one of responses to post for Rashmi’s Limerick Challenge #2, with the prompt BLISS – I also thought it fit the final writing201:poetry theme prompt ‘pleasure’ too. Having drafted this last weekend, I’m very late posting. Writing201 finished last week and the new Limerick prompt will have been announced yesterday. I just can’t keep up with things at the moment. I also wanted to find one of my pics to go with this and haven’t even looked for it yet, anyway, here’s my BLISS limerick:

Before the tide upon sandy swathed shores

Lapping up foaming waves soon procures

Intuitive rhythms and

Subtle life givens

So indelible memory endures


I had a thing for Limericks last weekend and wrote quite a lot of verses in Limerick form. To compensate for not writing to all the daily poetry assignments I wrote a Limerick verse for each day’s theme prompt. I’m typing that to a page as it’s so long…


‘Swishing up for…(w201-poetry)

‘Swishing up, for writing now – pull up a chair and write stuff how…s’why swish-up? s’what? s’why – collaboratively some of us tied and tried, we’ll try again alliteratively p’raps now and then and then and then again – ModPo’s grabbed hold and grabbed my pen – pertained pretends pretense per se per say pursed lips no way…

S’time an’ Stein goes rock and sway and in prose poem does merely say I surely can’t alliterate – s’what! S’why it’s sounding swaggered – s’when I free-write words get staggered stone cold sobre supping tea and in no need of sympathy but simply saying hear see hear say here stay a while and sit and play and play and playful words can make a poem so absurd …

S’what! S’fun s’pose it’s not wrong to muddle words and tag along and drag a song so poetry does start today so still stuck w101 someway with day 19 so slightly stalled takes such long steps to hop and trawl and so day 1 of poetry’s alliterate attend freely…


As you can see I need more practise …

In ModPo this week we are reading the likes of Gertrude Stein – I’m quite new to formal study of poetry but  my writing above is a prose poem, attempting to alliterate which is always fun, as per writing201(poetry) day1 assignment.

‘Swishing up is just the url for an online ‘writer’s lounge’ for some us in writing101 to continue with one way or another of collaborating. The Commons will be closing soon, but there’s some way of dropping by, hanging out, grabbing a virtual coffee and having a chat and some fun hopefully. Some will be sharing posts for feedback, setting challenges or leaving a prompt they created. It has like a notice-board or a showcase function and maybe even some writing practise going on. Some of us are working on ideas for collaborative writing in pairs or as a small group – it was primarily built for such use but results of our writing for those projects will be a while in the making…

I’ll get around to writing101’s day20 assignment by the end of this week, hopefully…

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I arrived here to attend urgent issues, such as reactivating to public view and delivering sincere apologies to Blogging101 co-learners unable to access this site during the course. I assumed a sign-up error on my part or otherwise as The Wishing Well was the blog I thought I’d registered with. I was very late spotting in my Admin Dashboard that this blog is set as my primary blog. In most ways it is as it uses my name. So this is the blog address provided to co-learners from the course facility we share.

I might be posting my Writing101 work here through September, rather than on my current ‘course’ blog. That’s having just registered with the other blog – but shouldn’t be a problem as that’s what happened last time. So, if you’re doing your Daily Post bloggingU course from a blog that’s not set as your primary blog in the course facility, bear in mind that not everyone trying to visit asks for access if your primary blog’s set to private and not everyone checks your gravatar or searches the course facility to find your links. Of course not everyone in the blogging world is traffic-driven.

I also visited here to do my Blogging101 extension tasks eg. to put an About page up – only to find I had made one after all! It can stay as is too – as a parent page for an ‘About my Blogs’ page, linking to those on my gravatar profile, rather than trying to make this blog a ‘hub’ via pages, although in a way it is, just more discretely.

I’ve been thinking about the theme and header and such things here. Everything’s as I set it up when I made it as my first blog, having bought a tablet to use in bed toward the end of April. So how I made such a long-way round journey of setting my other blogs up I’m not sure, other than brainfog and laziness.

Although I don’t like header’s that hog the page view I’m sticking with this one for now for the rainbow and cloudy outline, the pyramid effect – and it’s one of my early SketchbookExpress creations. I know it’s not perfect, I enjoy imperfection…

I’m also sticking with this theme while I explore it’s potentials form the options available – even though my tagline only displays in the browser tab and not at all dependent of viewer’s access method.

The ‘visual identity’ of this blog is very different from my other blogs. At those places I’m exploring, experimenting and enjoying the journey differently. This blog was created with eventual work/semi-professional purpose in mind. That’s a very distant destination for realities of complex circumstance. You can find my other blogs on my gravatar profile (I think it might display here – but this blog isn’t linked to that profile, so might not). If not, my other ‘play and learn’ blogs are linked from the ‘About my Blogs’ page, should you wish to fly-by and visit…