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Day15 – Reader led writing

I have to trawl back through my blogs to find those suggestions I thought I’d save for this task and forgot to note!

In the meantime, Bartok in mind. One of the suggested prompt quotes being:

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche


Forty fantastic minutes of orchestral performance: Béla Bartók’s Concerto For Orchestra -CLICK PIC TO VISIT on YouTube

While I’m not sure I will even have heard of Bartok before, I enjoyed the portion I heard on the radio last night during supper. I am also sure I’d heard it before, perhaps while watching an old film. I used to love really old films of all kinds as a kid. BBC2 would broadcast them during Saturday, late morning/afternoon.

After a year of such demise that I barely ever heard music for such a long time, it is fantastic to be hearing music again sometimes. I find it very difficult not to join in somehow. My neighbours really must think I’m nuts, the eclectic mix I’ll enjoy, maybe even percussing along at anything that might make a noise, or practising voice as instrument or just attempting to sing. I love trying to improvise with music I’ve never heard before, predicting the fall and rise, the pauses, the rhythm, lyrics if applicable.

Most songs I sing along to, even my favourites, I don’t remember most of the lyrics until the song’s playing and then I appear to know almost every word.

Image credit - please see bottom of page

Image credit – please see notes at bottom of page

Participating in music is such fantastic brain excercise. Singing in particular regulates breathing and heart rate. Although I smoke tobacco I still have a very good set of lungs and singing is a good test of lung function. Singing helps me re-wire my brain at times, re-co-ordinate speech – I reached for singing while experiencing some horrendous and worrying symptoms, even though I felt like I might drop dead any moment, very ill.

I sang for the life of me. I got over those moments – with other assistive self-help such as raw garlic and co-enzymeQ10, tryptophan from a banana to lower blood pressure. In the immediacy, singing made the soonest difference. Banging out a Foo Fighters tune while thumping my chest to the steady rhythm and belting it out in determined do not drop dead there is this dog to look after mode! For days or weeks I left my kitchen window open just in case someone even needed to get in easily to help the dog.

(During consultation, too ill to speak or think well, my doctor told me I had low blood pressure without testing. I usually do have low blood pressure but carbon-monoxide issues caused two years of problems with high blood pressure issues. I had a bulging vein in my neck, maybe a blood clot from a fall injury, quite severe numbness in one side of my face and dreadful symptoms. I feel safer with my own form of quackery! )


Image credit: please see notes at bottom of page

I don’t know why I’m  writing this other than it’s what has fallen onto the page. My only percussive attempts in these moments is in keeping typing time to the piece of music I am listening to from You Tube (as clickable image at top) and via that same url link here:

The Orchestra of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar plays Béla Bartók’s Concerto For Orchestra, which he composed 1943, after he emigrated to the United States because of WW II. The Concerto is known as one of the best instrumented orchestra pieces of all times”


“I cannot conceive of music that expresses absolutely nothing.”  Béla Bartók (source:

Image credits: The images used in this post were captured as screenshots, the first, unedited, as displayed in my MSPaint window and integrated as a clickable ‘button’ to visit and enjoy the performance I listened to while writing this page; the second and third images were also captured during that performance streamed from youTube. I have edited only by cropping in MSPaint to provide illustration. (I didn’t snatch any more than those, and have to hope the originating source do not mind such accredited use – I made sure not to include their logo when cropping, maybe I should have left in view?)