not exactly work in progress…

Day 9 – Dear Ideal Day

I’d been browsing the suggested reading from links in today’s assignment brief, making notes, noted some ideas in a text file on my laptop. I’ve been rescheduling my Windows 10 upgrade for days on end. Today, mid-workflow, it commandeered my laptop and just kicked in. It ate up my notepad files from today and yesterday and I had to start again – but luckily google-chrome allowed retrieval of my several dozen open tabs from previous days research yet to be noted that I’d left for reference or I’d really spit feathers.

I’ve cotton-wool for brain cells today, so for now, I’m just going to add the picture of the letter I wrote by hand earlier today for my writing101 task. 20150917_130347


Need a prompt? Comment if you will...Thx

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