not exactly work in progress…

Day 6 – on location

I’ve been putting off this assignment while challenging myself to write other stuff.

I’m not very inspired by a ‘Find Daily Inspiration’ task that suggests writing about where you write, the equipment and materials you use and writing habits. Of course, I’m not using my imagination enough.

I don’t have an ideal setting in mind for a place to write – other than WordPress!

The brief also suggests collecting ideas over the next few weeks from readers of future posts they’d like to see on your blog. There’s only three weeks left – to me ‘a few week’ suggests six or seven weeks, yet we’ll be expected to use those suggestions in an upcoming task during the course.

I’ve overdone it today not only with my own writing efforts but with visiting over thirty blogs on a fly-by basis to check out their polls and posts. it seems like todays gives us a prompt to get us stating the obvious, although some bloggers have very lovely surroundings in which to write and some posts are really interesting in different ways.

I found fourteen polls to take part in so far. In fifteen hours if results shown were correct mine was between the first and third taker in about half of those. The most I could guess at having taken a poll was ten and that was only at one. Okay, there is however long for other readers to take those polls, but generally they don’t seem to me a very successful way of gauging reader opinion. Even if a hundred people answered a poll that’s still a very small sample. Besides, I’m thoroughly selfish about my writing and I write for myself mostly.

As for my writing habits, I tend to boom and bust with cognitive energy. When I can’t use my laptop for exhaustion then I might still attempt some reading and commenting on my phone or tablet. I tend to keep going till I can’t go no more, — wearing it out like a three year old would do (to loosely quote Alanis Morrisette). I’m managing more writing than I have in almost forever but other things are suffering, like remembering to eat and practical things I really must do.

I can’t plan very well at all because of the boom and bust cycle and I lose track of time even when I’m not writing, not doing anything much or trying to do my housework, laundry or cook a meal or whatever. So everything’s dither and slapdash and dither some more.

Plans are simply revolving around the challenges I decided to take part in or set myself and the prompt schedules for those. Keeping up with blog-hopping is quite challenging. Writing101 tasks every weekday but there’s no obligation for timescale or deadline. I’m trying to write every day from the DP ebook of writing prompts for a year and have reached day 14. So building a habit of I’ll just keep trying. I’m crossing my fingers I can keep a reasonable level of activity going and sustain it in the various ways I have to hand.

I’m not making a poll, or a contact page. A lot of people won’t bother with them.

I’ll invite comments and suggestions at the end of every post and try a bit of promo activity. I’m very slack about dropping links in the Commons and only just getting to grips with twitter (and can’t stand facebook). It seems like however much you might attempt it’s still a trickle uptake. I haven’t really tried though, but it is how it appears. There must be as many, or more blogs than there are blog readers…and a lot of what appears to be results in numbers can be quite superficial.

I was going to add a couple of photos of ‘where I write’ – in bed in my bedroom with my laptop, in my daybook scrawl, balancing at my laptop with it at standing height in the kitchen for short stays keeping my dog company when well enough to lose a couple of hours typing that way… but photos won’t make this page anymore interesting and I can’t really see the point now.

So, dear reader, whenever, if ever you might arrive, whether you’ve read anything else yet or not, I invite you to issue a suggestion of any reasonable type to further challenge my writing… if you can’t think of anythign on the spot, perhaps you’ll be so kind as to leave a random word, the first thing that springs to mind – or pick up your nearest book, let it fall open to a page and select a word from it… anything… please leave a comment below.

Need a prompt? Comment if you will...Thx

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