not exactly work in progress…

W101(5) Tweet inspired creation


The street art I am presenting here, deliberately in a way that deprives full sight of it, is simply a charcoal or paint depiction on a wall that has a vertical crack into which an orange and yellow-tinged flame colour flower has been placed.

I’ve appropriated that tweet as a reflective creative response, wondering how appropriate it is to make such ‘art’ or to publish it on the anniversary day itself. Personally, I believe in publishing very little, if at all on the actual day. I also believe anything artistic created on the day should be saved for later and the memorial not be used as a means of self-promotion, but marked, simply and quietly. 

The day 5 writing101 task suggested being inspired by a tweet from a twitter feed of #quotes. I had to get this out of my system first, but have today (12th September) found some inspiring quote tweets to perhaps use later. Click to visit my previous writing from the day 5 assignment brief using one of the suggested tweets, or visit my index page for a lucky dip of other writing101 posts made this week for the course.

Need a prompt? Comment if you will...Thx

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