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w101-5~#4 -Let’s go goo-goo (tweet inspired app’d parody)

Below is an appropriated image sourced in my twitter hunt for the tweet-inspired prompt task of writing101, day5. I made this via appropriation of a found image on Sunday – not a keen student, just over-inspired… (Yes, still attempting to quell my appetite for this task on the Sunday – also prompted by the Writing365 ebook I’m using on The Wishing Well: this image will be opening an introduction to a creative writing piece over there.)

For clarity, the original image is not such low resolution and does not contain my twitter egg identifier. I deliberately left that icon slightly pixelated. The original source image is without the ‘app’d’ rubber stamp type text and the subtitle underneath the image. I also added the white space and red outline to the overall image  – left deliberately ‘skew-whiff’ within that border as ‘clearly amateur’.


Yes, I’m chancing an appropriation versus copyright issue – it has a WordPress logo/trademark -upside down (‘it’s an upside down world’) so I’m using that hook to allow fair use. That logo might be used with permission or not. The twitter user who tweeted the image may or may not have paid a fee to download and re-use the image. There’s no ‘google’ included but the primary colours used could be enough to suggest ‘googling’. The monopoly board design might or might not have been used with permission in the creation of the image.

I’ve used it with no permissions assuming parody and fair use. Please feel free to do whatever you like with it. If you wish to save to your device I think that’s possible by clicking the image and saving from your browser.

One thought on “w101-5~#4 -Let’s go goo-goo (tweet inspired app’d parody)

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