not exactly work in progress…

Day 3 – prompts

Third day posting something at least to each of my blogs and all different. (All listed on the index page above the day’s pages).

It’s good to be trying out lots of different things and getting plenty of practise, blogging generally rather than writing specific. However much I read and actually maybe even remember how to do things in theory I need the practise. I still tend to be messy about my blog – for instance making my index page and not just realising to have the day as a subtitle and make my sections neat below that. Sorted now, but why I did I not realise as I was making that page? Trying to function through daily brainfog and exhaustion – and no wonder being exhausted with determination to trawl on and finish a post while low-function and taking ages. They just wouldn’t get finished otherwise though.

So why make a page with all these posts done?

For anything I don’t want in a post and to practise with making and organising pages. I wasn’t intending lots of blog posts here, I was intending to make it page based.

Anyway, back to prompts – I almost had a poem starter with this page but it was a corny ‘romped with a prompt…’ and killed off by line 2 and my phone browser crashed so I just had to do the return to the laptop and never mind my shoulders but at least now my prompts have all kinds of safe holders…

Dreadful silly poems flop out all over! I had to handwrite my day 3 writing to ensure it was neither rhyme nor poetry! Rhyme’s easy but tacky, especially one after the other, fun at times and has it’s place… I don’t want to write a poem unless it’s either really fun to do even if it’s silly or nonsense, or that it has essence and meaning. mostly my poems hit the first category. But I surprised myself in April writing with the Iowa online mooc by drafting some quite reasonable poetry but the sort you have to work at and carve, not just have fall out on a page.

Anyway, a list of things to make prompts and prompt holders for:

  • Xmas prep tasks (please will I be better prepared this year and actually write the cards and wrap the presents and make sure they’re sent!) No, I don’t want a list, I want small separate task reminders, bitesize enough. Reusable.
  • Trailing blog post to do notes for all my catch up reminders, less than A7, to fit a small box, written in pencil to rub out and re-use
  • Lucky dip fave blog / blogs I like / close blogging neighbours draw box(es) to pay a better round of visits, small enough to take away if I go away – my bookmarks get messy, I get distracted easy in the reader – a system of some sort.
  • Inspiring blog posts to refer back to, for link-up or reblog. I know I could use drafts but I forget they’re there. Again, a system I can pick up. Random selection and coincidence are fascinating so extra motivating.
  • The back-burner blogpost box to note post ideas for future use… to stop them making holes in my brain.
  • and of course whatever for creative writing, poetry and art/drawing – either for ideas, or for memory as reference or as a challenge such as make this or that …

My ‘Uncertainty’ prompts made from my ‘automatic writing’ haven’t been used as prompts yet in the typical way but are neatly packed in their stackable tub – of which I have a few more. So I’m keeping them as a set for now and starting a fresh one. Whenever I note a word or phrase or whatever else in amongst my daybook scrawl, if I ever see it again I might never be sure what it’s for or what it meant. If it’s a tiny prompt slip in a prompt holder/box then it’s clear.

The only time I previously ever used anything like a prompt box, I’d made small note slips of paper that fit an empty tobacco box. I noted things during the British Art Show 7 (2011) that I wanted to go back to or an idea connected and such like. I wasn’t able to do mots of those things but I noted details I wouldn’t have captured otherwise and have a clear reminder of what was really interesting me during my visits – some not being those things which stay in mind. I didn’t use it for creative writing, but maybe could.

I never throw still good boxes away, excesses beyond reasonable capacity get recycled but I have a hoard of empties so can get busy sometime making these systems.They may well sit around and while I forget to use them. On the other hand, they might just work a treat…