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Day 2 – Listing

Not List Longing (at  the Long List)

I’m looking at your long list,
it surely took no hour!
I’ll study for inspiration,
for some objective here I’ll scour.
I’ve no idea what pai gow is
I guess I could hit google…
Happy Hour’s still too expensive
for those of us too frugal.
I don’t know the rules for poker
so I cannot play along.
Is a paddleboard a surfboard?
I’ll bet I got that wrong.
Blending in the flavours,
or mixing in the hues –
Whatever’s Teardrop trailers?
(floods of tears presumed).
Leavenworth sounds fancy
I’d like one of him myself!
Please tell me where to find one
on which supermarket shelf?
When you take your pictures
do you ever put them back?
I hope this does not feel
like I am making an attack!
I am borrowing some fragments
and inserting them to rhyme
until my brain will function
to make a list’s that’s mine.
It will not be like this list
for there’d be so little point
and if there’s one thing I would wish
it would be the coolest joint
to just chill out and bide my time
and do a little observation while
I sketch and snap and scrawl
with my pocket ready notebook
before home to bed I crawl.
Unexpected vocabulary,
expletives my guess,
when we’ve still missed those
few typos though we’ve really done our best.
Sometimes you talk another language
with cloudup and simplenote
though I understand your handbag’s clutch
where mine might be a tote.
Where can you buy flip-flops
that really last for years?
Not at the British seaside!
I wonder were you ever here?
Though it’s really not my business
to pull apart your list
I’m afraid this whole assignment’s
got me giving it the twist.
‘The curves and shapes of Art Nouveau’
for there must be something better
and a list like yours must surely mean
you’re a sure-fire hip trend getter.
While me, I’m just a no-one
and I had not much to say
but I took a glance at your list
and made this task a thing of play 🙂

inspired by
Things I Like

#writing101 #poetry #fragments #appropriation #lists

13 thoughts on “Day 2 – Listing

  1. That is an interesting take on the prompt!

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  2. Wow. How did you do that? 🙂 It’s an awesome poem. 🙂

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  3. You sure made it a thing of play 🙂

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  4. Anything limerick length can take me an hour to write, so this would have been a month’s work for me. Kudos to the creative response to the prompt!

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  5. This is so awesome. I absolutely love how you read my list and just went with it, pulling fragments and riffing on whatever bits you read. I myself was originally inspired by Jessica Gross’ list site, so it’s nice to see an idea move and transform from person to person. This is exactly the type of thing I want to see in this course, which is focused simply around inspiration, getting ideas from anywhere and anyone, and in any moment (and less so on craft, structure, grammar, mechanics, etc.). I think you’ll like one of the upcoming assignments this month challenging you to do a similar thing (and I think you generally will thrive in the course).

    I liked all of your poem, especially this bit:

    Sometimes you talk another language
    with cloudup and simplenote
    though I understand your handbag’s clutch
    where mine might be a tote.

    Thanks again — this made me smile.

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  6. Thank you so very much for taking time to leave such encouraging and supportive comment. (Also to my co-learners here and elsewhere :D) My first response (Listless101) seemed to slate the task, but was for fun and to bridge the gap. I’ve now made that shopping list, relates to my first response, perhaps loosely in contrasting your list Cheri and is an unfortunate bug-bear of mine of social commentary and rant. Again thank you, thank you all, for such encouragement and support 🙂

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  7. Oh my goodness, you are talented! Love the post!


  8. This was an enjoyable read and it is like taking on a life of its own, if I am making any sense here…….and the community gets ideas from many places and people, as Cheri above stated. Just a quick comment to let you know it was quite a list I enjoyed.


  9. Thanks for reading Sarah 🙂 glad you enjoyed it.


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