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Day 10 – virtual coffee date

I probably will tackle the ‘If we were having coffee..’ #virtual coffee date prompt from today’s writing101 assignment. If I browsed my photo files I could find a pic of my own, though there are some viable images to be used in the meantime.

First, I’m warming up with some reflection.

If we were out having coffee and you knew me,  you’d probably be asking about three things – my family, my health and my art interests perhaps – although art bores most people some do ask what I’m up to art-wise – on the very rare occasions that I might see anyone, that is. My health bores me to tears but most people ask. However bad it is I usually say “not bad thanks” or “not too bad thanks” and change the topic or I’d be in tears!

The sketch below was made during a drawing class and might be the last time I got out for a coffee in company (though I drank tea). I’d missed half the class  session for being ill and late. The others were all drawing the view from the upper floor windows but I took photos of those views and sketched a couple of interior scenes quickly.


Usually whenever I have got out in the last six years I have some souvenir marking the occasion. I haven’t sketched often at all and mostly just took snaps with my mobile phone, scrawled notes in my notebook maybe and picked up tiny ‘found objects’ along the way.

The other suggested ways of working with this prompt are to write what you love or hate about coffee, base a story or poem in a cafe type setting, or to go out for a coffee and free-write for twenty minutes.

Although I wrote a letter to my ‘Dear Ideal Day’ and posted it, I’ve had no reply and no E.T.A. … When that day arrives I’ll maybe pull this prompt from my back-pocket and go for a free-writing coffee. (I’ve asked to make it a year so hopefully could fit it in between the priority outings.)

How daft that’d be to spend the equivalent of 6 x 100g jars of my nice cheap coffee, for just one cup for the sake of a free-writing excercise – unless I went to McDonalds where it would cost less but wouldn’t offer the nice setting for writing. With bus fare to boot, I’d be frittering the cost of 1300 grams of economy supermarket coffee to drink at home (lasting maybe 3 months) on the price of going out for one single free-writing treat! I hope my Ideal Day arrives soon…

3 thoughts on “Day 10 – virtual coffee date

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  2. Yes sometimes the going out isn’t worth it, we carry thermos, oh no I didn’t photo those in my post ah well Next coffee time :D. I have learned to say, “Been better, been worse” when asked ‘how are you?
    cuz I know they don’t really want to know. Trust your open letter to your day get a good answer pretty soon!


  3. Yes, that’d be one option, to take a small thermos on a good weather day to sit outside somewhere and write 🙂 If the idea was for social observations, everywhere nearby is so quiet though. It is nice to go to a cafe though…


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