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INDEX-BU-Writing101- Sept.2015

BloggingU Writing 101 – Finding Daily Inspiration

I’ll paste links to all my writing101 associated writing here, most recent day at top of page (some of these items occur on my other blogs, as indicated):

Day 5 – 11/09/15 – TWEET Inspired 

Brief discussion of procrastination and creativity approx 725 words, 3 images

extension 12/09/15 a tweet inspired creation/creative writing mainly an image, but includes some writing.

extension 12/09/15 tweet prompted writing, approx 887 words, 1 opening image (tweet screenshot)


Day 4 – 10/09/15 – IMAGE (photo) PROMPTS (and – attribution free downloads to re-use)

Post made using a free stock image (70 words approx – not used as writing prompt at this time)

Exploring and using stock images (page, 1624 words, 5 stock images)


Day 3 – 09/09/15 – PROMPTS (and prompt boxes)

photo of UNCERTAINTY acrostic automatic writing + 50 words approx – at Fishing4Soup

photo – prep for prompt boxing at One 4 Fun + 31 words

level(ling) (&singing) uncertainty 1140 words approx, inc. 3 images (1 sketch, 2 snaps)

a round-up gallery post photos of varieties of rearrangement +approx 300 words

final thought’s from day 3 task and other ideas page approx. 900 words (guesstimate)


Day 2- 08/9/15 – LISTS

Listless 101 poem at ‘One for Fun’ approx. 145 words, post total 200 words approx.

Not List Longing poem, approx 350words, using fragments from Cheri Lucas Rowlands long list

whatever next… (new to me blogs I visited so far in W101 for my list? – maybe another day…)

a 50p potential shopping list (and thoughts) two short-ish lists in total 1500 word post

3×3 list – likes, learning & wishes  at the Wishing Well, max 350 words

playlist – image post at the Wishing Well, 22 words

30 things I didn’t expect during & after arrest at One4Fun, approx 1400 words (this is also my Creativity Carnival entry so far this week as the topic fits the picture prompt)


Day 1- 07/9/15 – WHY DO I WRITE?

full text, extended free-writing (page)  approx. 1700 words (this blog)

summary post, bulleted list approx 500 words, mostly taken from above text (this blog)

afterthoughts 1 (short) at ‘The Wishing Well’ (approx 225 words)

 One for Fun, short poem response at ‘One for Fun’ (poem, 68 words, post total 160 words approx)

source 101 fun poem at ‘Fishing4Soup’ (poem 90 words approx, post total 130 words approx)

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