not exactly work in progress…

Blogging201-Intermediate customisation-Progress table (w/e14thNov2015)

Day or unit Topics & tasks Status Comments
One Theme options & exploration Done *Ongoing, see note(1) below table
Two Basics of visuals (header & site logo) Done *note (2), repeat when rebranding
Three Custom graphics (headers) Done *note (3a); repeat as above *(3b)
Four Backgrounds, fonts & colour scheming In progress *note (4a); repeat as above *(4b)
Five A day free to play – no resource page Done play playtime’s always good; repeat 🙂
Six Widget basics To Do *haven’t altered sidebar! note (6)
Seven Custom widgets To Do *(7) no practice but understand better!
Eight Widget visibility To Do *(8) as above
Nine Basic html To Do *(9) as above
Ten Html styling, tables, columns etc Done *(10) extended task with this page
extension add text assess add text


notes and comments:

*(1) I’d like to explore this theme more fully before changing to another theme. I have my test blog to play with other themes to be sure before switching.

*(2) Switched from header to site logo instead.

*(3a) I made a new custom header at my other blog. (3b) Consider trying other graphics software than usual limited practice with MSPaint or SketchbookExpress app. Explore other ways with graphics – this wasn’t covered as fully as I might have liked.

*(4a) Need to try more fonts and change widget-frame-font colour option; (4b) Current backgrounds probably temporary; part of recent experimentation.

*(5) Make a day to play every week!!!

notes and comments:

*(6) Have been thinking about my widgets and sidebar but no action yet. Need to check if there’s a footer option and what am I missing or what needs altering?

*(7) Need a text widget for copyright blurb; need to have an award & award free widget; need dedicated blogroll maybe… what else – check back through notes.

*(8)Understand how to use the visibility function now so should try to use it.

*(9) Have incorporated a couple of pointers into this table for day 10 task but haven’t tried the html basic post writing excercise yet and really should do that.

*(10) I’ve learnt to make a table, columns and line breaks using html; I haven’t practised arranging text in the pre-formatted box yet …