not exactly work in progress…

B101 – to do (here) Sep2015

  • Writing101 index needs re-organising as the course progresses it becomes a very long page list. So, into week#, then day# = practise in structuring pages, clarity of indexing, usability – maybe
  • My header is annoying me. I’m bored with having to scroll down, with it filling the screen and confusing me as to where I am in my site. Am I on the right page? Also sometimes a picture is going to look awful against the colours in the header. I might prefer to add is as a banner at the top of a post or page, or some at least, to sustain that item as ‘visual identity’ but to have the option of replacing it with something else…or will that confuse things more? Suck it and see…?
  • #pages with keywords for search optimisation? maybe unnecessary to use # ???
  • realised today 912/09/15 that I can change the page template to full-width with no sidebar – are there any that would look better with that adjustment – plenty need editing for typos etc so TO DO – quite urgent.

Need a prompt? Comment if you will...Thx

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