not exactly work in progress…

BloggingU B101

Having made a post and updated my title (slight alteration from full name to associate with my gravatar display name), then made an ‘About my Blogs’ page to link to my other blogs, so kind of creating a discrete hub), I’m not going to write a full page list here of all the blogging101 tasks I could / should do here, that appears on my course blog.

By the end of my draft, I seem to have explored one of the B101 tasks here about ‘who am I and why am I here…?’ (I’m, also using the B101 tag, having completed Blogging101 – but may also use that original tag sparingly at appropriate times for appropriate posting, maybe.)

I like that the pages here are clutter-free, there’s just enough to find stuff via structure. Maybe needs a bit more, but space for a customised blogroll – that’s my over time extension task from blogging101 here. (I can work from my task/topic list on my blogging101 blog to bear in mind for all my blogs.

Why other blogs? To learn,to play, to play and learn of course. I also appear to be exploring ‘blogging psychology’ along the way and each have their own added value learning and happiness engineering factors.

It’s also really good to learn about the different themes, explore customisation options, familiarise with functions in different ways. When I eventually can pay for my theme, a domain name etc. I want and need to know I’ve paid for products that I’ll be happy to use for at least six to twelve months and onward, hopefully.

I don’t have a content plan which makes website creation implausible, as does not having the technical skill or full awareness.

When eventually I can be self-employed and semi-professional, I might still not be able to reach a workplace or appointments for consultations and obtaining services. That means I can’t possibly have anyone employed to do any work for me for business regulations, domestic insurance etc. To have business visitors arriving at my home I’d need liability insurance.

It would also take up some of the sixteen hours a week I’d be permitted to use my domestic residence for business purpose. It’s bad enough when it might take me two hours to achieve what should be a half-hour task!

So, now I’ve got that out of my system… I’m wondering why…? … and what next?!