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See if I care? Happy Easter Happy April Fools too :)


The inadequacies of words…

The misperceptions of ‘you MUST write according to your majority audience appeal and meet their WANTS’.

Bullshit. My background is as a contemporary artist, poet since childhood (and are we not all?) and happen to write. From a natural English perspective from a British Isles tradition and cultural heritage. As a European of course. That will NEVER change.

Legislative absurdities and conflicting political power-driven baloney cannot force the Anglich/English to conform and comply.

And really there is no need.

We are very socially responsible people FFS and some other folk around the global environments perhaps do not have the willingness or inclination or capacity of their formalist moulded intelligence to spare a moment to try and understand the meanings and multiplicities of even simple English words.

So I spend some effort and time battling with neurological ill health and disabling impacts and tremours and wonder, WHY might intelligent readers not:

SEE IF I CARE? That’s an invitation to let me know if you have any problem or issue with my writings. That way i can seek to improve my texts, or I can decide it’s just the individual’s problem and not an issue that I should tolerate as a creator. Otherwise bullying oppressors CONTROL your creativity.

I am not a puppet on a string.

I prefer not to upset people. However, i don’t mind losing readers if you don’t like my stuff. It’s personal creative space and even when I achieve health to return to professional work / job-related activity i will be writing exactly these same kinds of things in the same kinds of ways. It probably wouldn’t be my main/core product/service however. Just a natural path of the course, exploring traditions of language. The archaic has a profound place in contemporary writing, especially in art-writing. Intriguing to explore.

A British contemporary audience would be my immediate potential audience.

My texts might not be translatable to even foreign English language audiences sometimes. Then they shouldn’t be translated.

If I were writing for marketable audience product-driven projects (such as fiction) then of course I would or might be bearing in mind and paying attention to all those conventions and hopefully including an option to select an American language version for the comfort of potential readers – and for the excercise (and that word is to always have a second ‘c’ to be correctly spelt! Maybe I’m showing my age).

I guess some readers can’t understand that to truly study English Literature one must develop the patience and skills necessary to decipher strange looking texts to unpick potential multiplicities of meaning and arrive at contextual understanding and so on.

Formalist traditions were ditched long ago in our British culture.

We have been born and raised in a matriarchal society for well over a hundred years.

There are Grand Canyon size chasms in some differences of American and British cultures, despite the influx of mass-media offerings during our childhoods.

I love America too, but…

Trolling and hate speech and oppressive assertions in the name of equality are surreptitious, veiled in their appearances of politeness and correctness and overbearing and acts of atrocity. Minor ones in the grand scheme of things of course.

No idea what the meaning of removing my post title from my home page run is all about. perhaps it’s saying all kinds of things.

Risk management? I can’t find anything in my email or anywhere relating to any cause for concern or complaint issue to consider and respond to.

See if I care? Of course I do. And the reader is free to choose to take offence or not at misinterpreting any phrase that affrays their simple human mind. Thank goodness we all have one of those!

Happy days for us all, eventually and as soon as possible for so many others would be very nice to wake up to one of these days, wouldn’t it!

Thank you for reading. UK conventions insist you have no right to complain until you have approached the person to whom you have a complaint with.

I take full legal responsibility for my own original content as do we all when we choose to use our platform.

And since becoming sense makes no sense at all in the context of sentencing elsewhere recently, (crew? or crow?)) things like gramarly-dot-com are so totally unreliable and such a BAD idea. I am also entitled to assert my personal opinion.

Thank you Word Press. Maybe this post title action is only to hurry me along to ‘please pay for this one AS WELL’ and yes, as soon as possible, I will be! Linking to WARNING [DPprompt, yesterday…]

Happy Easter, Happy April Fool’s, Happy Howevers and Whatevers Whenevers etc. I apologise for feeling another piece of writing became necessary before I can move along nicely to the point of even arriving at what I set out to do YESterday.

Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

3 thoughts on “See if I care? Happy Easter Happy April Fools too :)

  1. See if I care – I smiled – OF COURSE you are European! I wouldn’t have expected anything less:) (I am Dutch, but am still lingering here in the USA). Saw your like, but where I do (some) writing is actually at

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    • Ah, yes, I get hot under the collar at times with all the hype about Britain ‘leaving Europe’ when it’s really only the trade and Euro parliament issue. Hopefully at least! I visited for your skywatch post, I liked the other pics too. I didn’t have time to comment perhaps, apols, having wifi problems. My skywatch posts are at http;//, when I remember to join the inlinkz I enter as ColetteB, Nottingham, UK. My pics are very similar one week to the next though as they centre very close to home. Thanks for visiting my wordpress.


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