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keeping Mum (not being an option)

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This month while blogging A to Z challenge elsewhere I am committing to posting ALL images across my blogs as 75dpi screenshots of my own images (and any sourced elsewhere with appropriate image permissions) for the ease of use of mobile data users. This might not be so good for visually impaired readers/viewers. Please let me know, if possible, if you have any problems while visiting my blogs at my sites.

Happy April Ahead hopefully…


… and as I had some blog security issues (local wifi hacking testers and identity theft and what appeared to be attempts directed to steal origination claims to my creative minor outputs, and all kinds of false accusation trolling potentials I feel obliged, having wanted to include the following image, photographed by myself during my private everyday life, that these images are guaranteed my own, my A.R.R. issues and not an individual who steals or ‘pirates’ other individuals nor organisations’ Intellectual Property content items! Gotta dash! All these hold-ups!

Author: Colette B

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