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Authorstory – a quick discussion post


I should have remembered in this post to make clear: author Robert Olen Butler is an esteemed academic from, I think, Yale University, maybe another one of those ‘top’ institution type places – fact-checking= Florida State University – seemed quality while I listened in watching (youtube link for Inside Creative Writing Episode 1 of 17 here: opens with mention of ‘intransigence of English language’, a noun meaning:
‘refusal to change one’s views or to agree about something’ (sourece: google dictionary). How very appropriate. I remembered his name spelt wrongly too, I’ll correct that asap.

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I’d been hoping to maybe make an #authorstory post sometime this month and realised it’s the very last Wednesday of the month. I’ve not had the concentration or focus while busy with other things along the way of getting myself back to a blogging habit.

I’d wondered about writing about Enid Blyton (and then on how no-one’s ever raised J.K. Rowling but I prefer not to pry into knowledge of her bio and try and read her first two books instead seeing as I find I still have my eldest sons’s copies. I admire her in lots of ways but having made history with such a huge personal carbon footprint isn’t something i admire and seem unable to avoid mentioning and that’s not fair is it. I’m not really in a reading fiction phase quite often so that post would take me ?years?)

I’d be interested in writing about Stephen…

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  1. finally a place to comment – has something happened to Blogger’s World? are we not using it enough?

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