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Monday’s Mundane post (less than 700 words)


I caught sight of a photo post challenge response from Indira’s Blog earlier today and thinking I’d maybe take part, hopped over to check the Mundane Monday Challenge rules. Just my luck that this week has been declared the last week of that challenge, unless volunteer(s) step up to host it. After a whopping 150 weeks hosting the challenge, it is understandable that someone might need to draw a closing line and take some rest from it.

treeline against the grey sky this afternoon, view from my home

can’t see the wood for the trees? (skywatching briefly this afternoon)

I’m mostly housebound with disabling/debilitating illness, so everything I do centres around ‘art of the everyday’ while I struggle with day-to-living and somehow passing time – but I’ve always loved the mundane in art. Dunno why drawing cigarette butts and rubbish bin contents seemed so strange to fellow fine art students back at art college in the 1990s except mostly they obviously weren’t reading the same kind of art history.

rooftops, a lamp-post and CCTV pole against the grey sky, photo taken from my front garden at home

skywatching, scene from my yard, about in my neighbourhood, outdoors for a change,, ‘watching you watching…’ series

Could I even show a sketch of cigarette butts these days – would it be considered ‘tobacco advertising’?

And if so, then what do I do with my assemblage photos containing smokers’ items? Print, frame and display – take another photo of my home interior? That’s such a stupid shame. To be left wondering that creating and sharing innocent images, playing with art making in such ways might land a personal blogger in hot water for the most stupid legal implications you never might have imagined occurring in the real adult world. If I chose to share them. If that world were human. I wasn’t planning on sharing them here today for this post, but I wanted to post them somewhere and that’s why I made them. I’m left wondering why on earth would I wish to continue paying my ISP while personal freedoms are being so inhibited, oppressors seeking control over individual user content and contentment can be diabolical.

That aside.

screenshot of my computer desktop

a happy accident – new desktop background

My paragraph got glitched out again. I am reminding myself it can reappear in context at a lingering question from 2015 challenge that I didn’t answer yet. Unrest in personal context? Would it really be so dangerous to opine? Why the hell should I care! I am entitled to share personal reflective opinion after all. Nagging thoughts about the credibility of the project as conveyed via their marketing material are concrete and weigh heavy in my mind.

Anyway, the happening above was ‘a happy accident’ because previously I had the ‘Unrest’ documentary film set as background seemingly all by itself while looking at how it was only available as streaming content that might be subject to change even after purchasing and downloading the file via amazon – and so, no digital consumption for me there thank you.

Besides, I don’t purchase from my laptop.  Wifi security risks seem to attempt to occur during my internet use. Downloading digital content to my secure unit with no sound capability is probably stupid, if you can’t then transfer the file you paid for to another device to access it. And with all the lockdowns going on around the web to prevent so-called ‘piracy’, well, they’re also preventing legitimate consumer access. So don’t have my money then. Cutting your nose off to spite your face. suits you, so…

Time-warping is so unpredictable. results are never guaranteed with any certainty. Whatsoever.

Sometimes I have cognitive processing issues and I found this example in my day notes this morning. I’ve read through my notes a few times and never spotted it before – why can’t I see things for looking? Or have I really met a day in September before September arrives?

a partial page in my Day Notes notebook

Above: notes made in my Day Notes 2018 notebook for that day in February!

The blogging world (reader experience) is being completely ruined by assertions of ‘must appear perfect’… ‘professional standard’, ‘may not [this]’ and ‘may not [that]’. Imperfect people may not participate? No way!





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