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Is it time for the hoe? Oh no! (… post JUST 600 words …)

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a screenshot of my own photo of a cheap import owl pendant

above: DISTORTED screenshot of my photo (no design infringements contained therein, but if I turned it over…)

It’s cold out there, innit…

Didn’t she make herself look like a silly hoe as if tilling her ground like that’d make good…

please don’t ask… but in case you’re wondering, that hoe pictured above is not staged and just happened to be there, behind my bathroom door. I photographed it during February just as it stood, wondering about a conversation with it, like when i wrote a conversation i had to have with my rake, for a university driven creative writing excercise (moocs! – one of the best writing outputs I ever made actually!) Reminding me I should get back to some creative writing. Seeing and snapping. Objects.

By the way, happy New Year for yesterday! And the one a couple of months ago!! Apols for not getting around to it before…!


Why would anyone ever hire ‘professional services’ from litigation hungry, capitalist cultured people who might turn out to be so inhuman as this bbc news story seems to demonstrate? N.B: I am not seeking work whilst so decrepid and am only trying and failing not to exhaust myself while I practise some skill-building/retention however shit you might think Art is meant to be. And Rubbish. So be it.

I read and could have wept for the family who have now become victims of such apparent injustice in the face of what appears to be gross unprofessionalism and the closing quote said it all really:

“I want to prove to people that they have to face any consequences when they say something on the internet.” the human(?) as quoted by the BBC, after an overseas court decided they should be compensated* following the personal expressions by their British client of complaint and dissatisfaction upon personal social media at the service failures and assuming significant emotional distress at the time of posting whatever remarks, understandably.

Makes no sense to me that! *They made a choice to close their business! They’ve now been ‘awarded’ enough money by an overseas court decision for a start-up creative to have enough cashflow to take ten years earning little or no money restarting another one! (If they were in Britain).

I’d hope the TDA prevents them seeking clients as a ‘professional’ in the UK ever again because consumer protection rights are so critical and most families cannot afford such FINE. And while such unprofessionalism exists as shown in this news write-up… The TDA covers a wide-range of things. Taking that court action doesn’t appear professional standard of conflict resolution, it appears as if taking advantage of an opportunity for financial gain+!

It’s as if we may not be human in our interactions anymore! While others might make advantage of a ‘financial win:win’ situation. This is just stringing along varying twists and turns of how to interpret the words of Law.

I admit I am in ignorance of the full-facts so really am sparing my opinion for another day, elsewhere. But the apparent motivations of the litigator/appellant’s legal action being to erode a British** person’s right to personal freedom of speech+! and (a) in any appeal process it should be clear that the judgement issued should be overturned. If only courts could ever be relied on for fairness! and (b) I may profess (as a non-professional) that a lot of people use that word professional not really understanding our British English very well and we mustn’t forget the breadth and scope in the meaning of our words in an ever-complicated world and use them freely!



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One thought on “Is it time for the hoe? Oh no! (… post JUST 600 words …)

  1. ** oops – this morning when i read the BBC article that I reflected on in part of my post, I might have mistakingly read and interpreted that the client unjustly penalised was British. With the circumstances of the issue, in Britain the defendant should have been able to rely on the small claims court procedure and have consumer rights protections so as not to need to go as far in as the courts for resolution and should have won the dispute in the first round if they had gone to court.

    I should have pdf’d the version I read this morning to check what ‘facts’ might have changed, but it might have been my neurological/dyslexia type phasing – as that story appears to have maybe changed in the extended timeframe it’s taken me to write the post. The business owner’s photograph has been removed from the bbc article now and I hope she has received no threats or harm as a result of getting herself in the UK /world news in such a way.

    Opiniated personal internet users excercising their rights to express an opinion in light of such completely weird and incomprehensible legal decisions appearing to be unjust under British Law that might take place within another nation’s culture might upset her but I would wish her not to be upset by the honesty of my writing nor anyone else’s. Tough luck if she is though. Business internet users should stay off personal spaces if they don’t like what they see and read there. Simple! I don’t troll and nor do most people. I write stuff like this with my name attached so no-one else gets the blame or suspicion of it being someone else and apologise for my errors and try to learn from my mistakes.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t expect a business person to be so upset by reading another person’s individual opinion. So-called professionals need to learn tolerance of human individuals simply being human and not be so cut-throat about their business practises as to deny (a client the right to share their) discontent! Having read this story I might never hire any types of services from any person other than those operating under the laws and principles of my own nation and continental Europe. Even after the E.U. withdrawal for trade agreements. British people are to retain access to the European Court of Human Rights, Even after Brexit according to what seemed sound information during my research into such detail during the referendum process and I will revolt and object in whatever small way I can with every sparrow-spitting-feather for a quill available if that right of access is denied by either our own parliament or the E.U. as that would devoid the referendum result by way of misinformation or on similar level to a change of contractual term that might change the way voters decided to vote. anyway.

    The news story got my goat in a few ways, because any business will always survive any discontent and will tolerate negative opinion if the business operates in a society that is cultured in tolerance, and understanding human failings, given that expectations of perfection are completely unrealistic. Even in the professional world (and especially from legal systems). Clearly. Retaining and with-holding someone’s personal images until further payment is a horrible thing to do. That would be another infringement of the Law in Britain is my expectation /understanding.

    This morning the article read as if the business owner had notions of lead-business generated from the services provided for the client and not securing future business was an issue resulting in the idea that she was caused financial loss to her business (eg. by failing to secure bookings from that client’s network (wedding guests)). Apportioning blame for unrealistic projections to the client’s facebook use is potentially incredible! i think that part of the article is no longer there.

    The bride-to-be now seems more heavily-weighted with labelling as vexatious and malicious in the version I read just now after including mention of that story in this post. But maybe i didn’t take it in very well this morning. And I wasn’t intending to write all this about it here or now or even any time soon. But I’ll remember it as a dreadful example of business strategy and how not to treat customers and why lead-business projections should always be zero in the immediacy of up to ten years from that type of service for weddings and perhaps even never while not everyone would want all that nonsense of ‘arrangers’ anyway. And you can see why if they might (and appears as though have and are still) hold photos of you to ransom and receive compensation awarded by a court!!! I find it unbelievable. I’m glad I’m not Canadian now, to add to American and Australian! To my estimation, their cultures definitely feel very foreign to British/English (European english).

    Is this ‘an online attack’? No. Of course it’s not! It’s just writing. On the world wide web as founded by a British inventor and the founding principles of the internet are essential to retain and it’d take ’em knocking my house down with me in it to make me either pay an unjust court imposed fine if some twot chose to take the hump and run with it for their idea of ‘goodie, win:win situation’ and it’d take the same to force me to resist a creative impulse to simply reflect responsively with personal and social responsibility in mind as best as I possibly can in any moment of doing my thing personally. And so I should also be able to publish to those services using the www internet address system. Any attempt to infringe my rights by preventing my own freedom of speech and creative expression would be an act of deliberate abuse and I will NOT be in fear of threats from bullies just because they could afford legal actions if ever they read my writing and didn’t appreciate my effort to explore whatever the issue at hand is or seems at the time. Errors and omissions should be as obvious as copyright with NO need to put a sidebar notice because those things are fundamental and I am not a commercial provider of content I am a personal blogger still learning web technologies on a self-led impetus and from my sick-bed to keep my mind busy so I can sleep at night hopefully and usually! “no idea how some people sleep” and so.

    I’ve not delved into researching the background of the case, but I do wonder if the business owner invaded the client’s privacy but checking out their social media use, and whether “malicious” and “vexatious” are fair terms of reference for whatever the bride-to-be wrote at such significant time of distress and during the distress of this dispute. huff! enough already! I wish my brain would not involve itself with working through such crazy stuff but the implications are massive and so my mind won’t stand down until i aired it 🙂

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