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Test post – resource tryout (& skills test!)

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No idea if this’ll work, (nor why anyone might want to use such a tool/utility. however my fave online dictionary is and the site also offers a webmaster’s page of free resources for your own site.

[update#2: the second try failed again… i give up, 2am… i wasn’t planning to do this and some things to finish up elsewhere… although clicking the second try’s box at least linked to the resource page for that li’l box thing and I’ll just drop the link to that page here:

#dictionarybox12 TD, INPUT, SELECT {font-size:10pt;}

Word Finder
Scrabble Word Finder and
Words With Friends cheat dictionary

#boxsource_td12 A {color:#000000;text-decoration:none}

Starts With Ends With
Contains Unscramble

I should have been doing something else, but while checking the meaning for ‘stymied’ – and I’m sure I’d both pronounce AND spell that as stimmied but I apparently spelt it incorrectly, but sure it exists in my alternative English form of spelling (I’ll have to check some ye Olde englishe texts maybe to find it that way although the dictionaries all show the scots spelling because we have to preserve our languages somehow in the UK aka Britain or whatever kind of bloomin’ mess-and-muddle we call our little nation next(!)) – or I might have remembered.that awkward Y – but maybe it’s like the word ‘excercise’ having some bizarrely agreed change to the word’s correct spelling back in the 1970s to make it incorrectly ‘exercise’ and this somehow related to politics and State Education curricula and so on. Something to do with being the kind of spelling difficult to remember for more than perhaps one or two kids in a class of 30 or more. stupid idea that. Language cannot be imposed, it evolves and brits/angls are darned awkward and non-compliant with impositions that make no sound sense – because the spelling, in writing, is actually one of the least important things as long as the word is recognisable from any variant spelling close enough to the aristocratic/scholarly version.

Anyway, distracting from THIS task now. back to inserting a box and hoping this thing please works… when I reshuffle the code back to near top this last sentence won’t make sense… that’s not unusual, appearing to make no sense… and I might have failed to complete an earlier sentence. Never mind.

I don’t play online scrabble, nor apps with friends functionalities and I don’t see how this particular box might be helpful to anyone, but I guess it must be. If I I’ve successfully shared this resource then I’ll add the ones later that I actually wanted. then another time, I’ll work out where I really want them placing, ie. sidebar or wherever.

[updated: I’m such a HOE! (=human-operative-errorist!) I somehow disrupted the html string/stream, whatever you call that batch of code, so the first presentation of the widget box didn’t quite appear correctly; I first wondered that it was my customisation attempt as the webmaster’s provision for sharing this thing offers a drop-down menu to select font and colour choices. I’ve gone back and stuck with the ‘inherited’ non-customised version and re-pasted, having first made a copy of my dodgy post to be geeky and go back one day and compare the html versions… I’ve not learnt much at all yet and can only remember to bookend the for italic… I need more time to catch up on learning – our year group in state schools as teenagers was the first to have computer classes and only 6 kids of that cohort of 300 were allowed to learn or use them. Back then it was a ‘boys only’ subject too. Poor kids like me, and most girls, might have only got to use a computer quite briefly in the WHSmith store to type silly things like ‘I love Dave’ to display on screen at the demonstration models. And girls in the top set and lower set weren’t even allowed to learn typing for goodness sake! No wonder the UK is so lacking in technology specialists within the virtual global arena/market place! Going off the point again… meandering things…]

this post to be contd., edited, deleted maybe, and/or etc. …

… this post is definitely looking messy, apols to the webmaster kindly sharing these resources for some silly HOE like me to go bodge it … but thanks for providing these ! I think it should be working here now…

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