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D.A.R.E 2 campaign4human Equality


Dear Valued and Respected Human Beings,

Inspired by Jacquie’s post and the intelligent discussion points she raises, I may appear to be ‘taking the piss’ BUT actually, I cannot stop anyone assuming anything they choose.

So, yes, I am taking the piss and minding my P’s and Q’s… In more ways than ONE.

This might be a risky post as a WOMAN with BALLS… no, not YC! I’m not dragging that silly bitch into a song or a dance either! (comic relief sometime but i got no license and late checking the web! apols! hopefully, not needed!) Anyway…

It annoys me, AS A WOMAN, (born and bred – don’t we have some funny sayings), it annoys me more than a bit, that in this day and age MEN(!) just don’t seem allowed to be HONEST anymore. Otherwise, they get accused of all sorts, namely, SEXISM and any-other-ism, potentially. So, back to BITCHIN’innIT… being a ninnie… 

I am ensuring to use my real-name-blog although it shoulda been a sWishingUp post really, I’ll just have to go with a reblog there of this. I couldn’t possibly leave any doubt that the photo at the end of this post might be my poor neighbour’s stuff in MY media library! It’s only a photo!

I couldn’t help but twit-ter with this earlier, cos i missed the boat yesterday for #internationalHumanityDay – or is that another day and i got my panties in a twist again?

See, a man wouldn’t get away with tweeting that and my tweet might not display if WOMEN object to another WOMAN making a joke of herself like THIS:


There, i can’t blame you if you prefer NOT to go 0-zone-iNG in tweetypieland.

I kinda went overboard yesterday joining in with a music video suggestion request and so having music on my mind today and Jacquie’s ‘I’m every woman’ bounced back at me while ‘itching in the kitchen again’ (Oasis!) with one of my (deceased) mum’s doubleCDs, ‘Power of a Woman’ which happens to have ‘I’m Every Woman’ by Chaka Khan on disc2.

So, as  a way of making a music post as far away as possible from the influences of the video post suggestion and then not stealing anyone else’s thunder, so to speak, I decided I could maybe post a playlist for [FEMALE]  #Humanity #EMPOWERMENT.

Or maybe I could invite any readers here to either

(a) pop over and contribute a suggestion to Mechteld’s post for any visually stunning music videos you remember in the #activism category as per this recent request at Blogger’s World (#blogging101alumni)

and/or (b) post your own music playlist choices for human/female empowerment – for this one you can pingback here, or at my sWishingUp reblog or not at all…

AND (c) there’s also Ritu’s #musicalmarch going on this month and i’m late getting into it tho’ have enjoyed some dawn chorus; feathered-friends chirping and cawing and even some coo-ing here and there throughout the day (and some ‘oorahnoo’ or however you spell that word pernicketically correct or PC enough for y’maybe not… and none of this is an address to bitch at ANY other person as such or per se… but not quite fancying the songs of choice at today’s post just yet, but know where to drop back to when that just the right moment arrives. There, at Ritu’s blog. Where I really enjoy reading some posts occasionally, because I’m never managing to get round reading enough at any of the many blogs I really enjoy visiting. Nevermind because I don’t believe any of us can really keep up with visiting and reading as much as we might wish to.

There should have been a shutterbug entrance (#BW) at this point but i’m separating that out for a photopost. After dinner.

(D) finally, I’m late for music-medicine  as per usual but managed some today 🙂 yay – AND i cleared the sink! (thatswashingup WILL always be getting ITself done eventually! never give up hope!) By the Way I’m not crash-tagging but you’ve all probably seen at Calen’s or other respected blogging101 alumni blogs that there’s this wonderful #MondayMusicMedicine and I must remember to take part better sometime whenever I get around to it.

I’m going to make you wait a few minutes, hours, (days?) and reblog this post at sWishingUp and make my playlist nice and neatly over there, so will just leave this for now. Now then, to take the piss all the way a bit more from A to Z here* (and I couldn’t believe the line i heard in one of them NICE respectable ladies empowerment songs(!) but will draw on that later* too) and try and get better sensible!

(Who says it’s NOT staged! or that ‘You Can’t….’?)… be careful with those assumptions…!

Playlist further-in place of ‘Power of a Woman’

to follow, later…


Please feel free to raise any issue of discussion below in comments – or pingback to your choice of playlist if playing along with human [female] empowerment TRACK choice(s) [is IT therapy?]

*Nope, probably not doing AtoZ from here, maybe not at all if i keep being so slowed.


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