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Reblog: Down and out soon (for Twelfth Night)

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In conversation… and then while I was out of the room…! Thanks for making my salad and coffee! Thanks for the ‘moral support’ too, but did you HAVE to mention THAT with it! And it wouldn’t made it read any better if you’d clarified with ‘loosely associated…’ but still… at least you had your evening out to go to! Lol. Still having a break from the dodgy laptop until I can think clearly – good to see yours loads fine so far from my mobile phone but having some leisurely occasional reading visits thru today. Not ready for SPD or PPPessays yet for a while – remember to give me room to get a word in edgeways when planning my contributions to (y/our) blogs as I’m a bit pushed. As you should know by now. Cheers 🙂 Happy 6th, hopefully 🙂

s o F a r S o S t u

Had a listening ear type time today with my pal-sis over the blogging101 carbunkle (again!)

If I were her ‘agent proper’ I’d be well annoyed at her association with improper conducts and improprieties that occurred in that particular arena. However, I’m just a mutual friend and associate. And I chose to mostly avoid it, having visited, been perturbed and snatched screenshots of some very bizarre behaviours by one of the volunteer team appearing to target another member with a potentially deliberate campaign. Anyway, I’m not meaning to rant about that. To preserve goodwill, privacy, respect and all.

I’ve been away for months and mostly in only offline company. It’s been a nice break, family struggles aside. I’m kinda sofa-hopping nomadically for a while but have a drop-in base here at my friends where my old desktop and their monitor and kit can be utilised to access my blog etc and…

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