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Flower of the day, my way, naturally


Although not a regular enough visitor, I always enjoy a visit to this blog: so, for a change, and although not a typically seasonal offering, I thought I’d join in for some #MagicalMonday  / #MondayMotivation over at Cee’s photography challenge.

I love to play in all kinds of ways whenever able, but it’s been a very strange, difficult and extremely worrying time in the UK. Everyday life seemed to alter for much the worse since the US presidential election results and the dire political climate at home and internationally – including what appears to be criminalised political extortion racket against leaders, politicians and other public figures. Anyway, hopefully the Season of Goodwill will prevail before the New Year is in and out!

So, my first offering is typically atypical, and I’ll share one of my photo files here secondly. [with apols for brevity, ludicrosity as usual etc and all the etceteras…!]


[The raw data on my photo file is incorrect as I messed up correcting the time on my camera when I tried to set the date to correct day and month – it had been wrongly set for ages by mistake! Sometimes it can appear useful to remember that!]

below: photo taken on my front yard around 9 or 10am internet time on Sunday 18th December, 2016, Nottingham, UK (iT ever changing and losing hours here and there apparently!)


And if you happen to be passing by my humble home, please don’t knock my landlord’s fence post down, we already lost a few too many! Thanks for visiting!



Author: Colette B

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4 thoughts on “Flower of the day, my way, naturally

  1. Such a sweet little flower.


    • Thanks Cee. I tried commenting on your blog but maybe should have tried the mirrorsite version if there is still one. Glad you allow pingbacks without approval. I leave commenting wide open as it seems safer to have open public access than to shut everything behind overanxious security. Too many find formfilling offputting to bother leaving a comment. Even my own site is now asking me to complete a form! WTF!


  2. Does my gravatar add itself now I put my java allow thing right again? YES! I stopped java a while ago for some other websites autoplaying stuff i didn’t want to see or hear and for having to be very careful not to accidentally play BBC streaming video files on news site etc… bloomin’ nuisance tech stuff is and I just can’t learn it proper! obviously! Talking to myself again. Lol.


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