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not trivial f’TodoTuesday? and foto-call for… 0yeh, haiku, too…


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Anyone sharing a Blogger’s World Tuesday trivia post any week soon? (not meaning to be assuming taskmaster position but admin are taking a long stretch with a pina colada somewhere lovely on writer’s NaNoWriMo break away, peut-etre or vielleicht… dunno Dutch-y but anyway …) ALSO, shutterbug showcase needs a volunteer to post for the weekly Thursday ‘feature’ and Blogger’s World was a great idea for a forum that’s been bedraggled by a sabotage attempt by (an)other (formerly) community member(s). Any show of support for the forum at all would be very much appreciated – and some of us are still hoping for a full reunion at some appropriate point. Testing here, as my post at Blogger’s World refuses to save or publish and probably just my impatience…

Looking for a ToDo?

Here’s another fab photography event (Tuesday prompt and week-long entries i think but please check the rules on Jansenphoto’s blog  (=home page link) for any willing takers to add to their practise postings…

Also, if you’ve not checked out Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge and reading and/or writing poetry might be more your thing.. RonovanWrites (=homepage link) was recommended to me by a dear blogging friend and you will see why if you visit. This is another great blogging community with some fantastic advice articles and excellent quality writing and readership.

here’s my (dreadful!) quickfire HAIKU attempt in response to the PROMPT to excuse my pingback to the host’s haiku event post – 

no power trippin’ 

race runs drippin’ common sense

pour Chicken Licken


Finally, many of us are acquainted with Jacqueline of a cookingpotandtwistedtales and very fond of her writing. i’m not sure I entirely agree with the jist of this writing advice. However, it certainly has its’ time and place and appropriate use(s). I’ll be reading it again before completing my creative writing homework because my writing sure needs jazzing up (and I’m behind my study deadline again for the stalling over breakfast 😀 I can’t help that I love y’all in our blogging commons room and the wider blogosphere especially! But back to another helping of breakfast and lesser headache when I get my homework sorted! doh! Students!

So here’s hoping you have another fantastic day and look forward to hearing from you here (and your own blogs) soon, hopefully 🙂

#blogging101 #photo101 #poetry101 #writing101 #bootcamp101

Author: Colette B

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2 thoughts on “not trivial f’TodoTuesday? and foto-call for… 0yeh, haiku, too…

  1. Hey girl, where have you been all these days? Ha, ha! I saw your pingback and comment. My tips definitely going to raise eyebrows 😉 It’s good to have you back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Jacqueline it was good to find you near top of my reader – if i said ‘in all honesty, busy being just me’ that’d about cover it 🙂 I forget to use the reader and not having much blogging time enough but I am practising creative writing a little enough at mo and completed an introductory Walt Whitman study unit earlier in year so very pleased with that. Now I just need to get energy up to previous levels for blogging better i guess. i’ll be back for a longer read as soon as I have more reading ability. looking forward to reading your other tips but #6 is cracking advice for sprucing up my current short story effort 🙂 cheers 🙂


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