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Shutterbug Showcase

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Fantastic Shutterbug Showcase post from ‘Clueless Birdie’ at the 101alumni yesterday. I didn’t miss it then but was stuck in the time warp that was…’Thursday Thoughts’ … and Guarav’s photo led to much unintended contemplation (and no seeking my own perspective with a photo yet – so I’m glad these run one to other. The original event promotions defined this event as also something to write along with, if not having the inclination to share a photo of your own. I might write something else later… but would love to see your own shutterbug response (to this, or past prompt inspirations)… (please visit the site linked below to take part or leave feedback for the original post, reblogged here). Have fun and enjoy!

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Hi everyone,
The prompt for me was ‘Perspective’, shared by @arwen1968.
Thank you for the prompt.
Perspective was a difficult and a very interesting prompt.
My take on it is this image.

InShot_20160908_163057.jpgThere is a difference between how we see the world, and how he sees it. Even if we try to know his perspective on life, we shall never be able to understand it completely. Our life might be a rough road with many ups and downs, but his life is a constant struggle. 

I hope I did a little justice to my prompt. This image has been clicked by Gaurav. (Can I please flaunt? 😛 my boyfriend) I asked him to share this image with me.
You can all join in by posting on the prompt ‘Perspective’ on your own blog before next Thursday (15th Sept) and leaving a link to your post in…

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