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A glimpse of light (Shutterbug Showcase)


I’ve been meaning to get into the habit of keeping up with this #photopost event. The days and weeks fly by! Yesterday’s ShutterbugShowcase post is a gorgeous glimpse of light from Arwen1968.

I’m sharing two of my photos. The first, below, was taken during my first visit since her funeral to my mother’s resting place at the cemetery. I had been sheltering under the trees from heavy rain until the sun came out a little enough again.


My next photo, below, is to reflect “light at the end of the tunnel”, so to speak, with a nod again to Arwen1968 and her blog, and also remembering the previous week’s ‘Summer in the City’ prompt. This was my first visit to the park with my youngest grand-daughter – it was an English Bank holiday Monday – I even had to up and down a big wavy slide with her. I hadn’t been on a slide for ?how many years? So we had a fun afternoon and wore each other out 🙂


There’s still time to post for this prompt (Glimpse of light) if you’d like to join in with the Shutterbug Showcase event at Blogging101alumni.– the next prompt should be revealed on (or soon after) 8th September.

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5 thoughts on “A glimpse of light (Shutterbug Showcase)

  1. Enjoyed your post and photos! Hey I dug out my old computer and found the “interview and questions” you and i tried on computers”? remember that? well I am working on putting that on my secondary blog sometime if you dont mind… are so busy i dont know Where to Ask you so i just Comment!!! lol ok have a great day

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    • Lol 🙂 Yes of course you may use our thing we did even if I might regret probably saying something daft 🙂 yes, comment notifications are probably the quickest way of getting my attention, I’m still hopeless for checking email! (Note to self, check email!) Lol

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      • I don’t mind comments lol 😀. thanks. I may “edit” even my own words in the collaboration we started 😀 as I am trying different ideas on stc7029 blog by the way that is where it will be When I get it done!

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  2. I am getting ready hopefully to go back home for our annual sale and i hope to Remember my notes to be able to put this together and not Embarrass either of us too much 🙂 lol thanks!


  3. Is swhishy still up? perhaps you could link it there as i cant remember how (once i get it posted of course 😛


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